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Arnaud de LA FORTELLE: 6 Hits
ParisTech) and +33 1 39 63 53 85 (INRIA); ===== Work ===== As director my aim is to ensure the best r... LaRA teams. Moreover, I have also to promote our work and tie links with our partners, academic as well... olve these new problems. Fortunately enough, this work is not a single man's effort but a whole team eff... iour) of the entities? Of the entire system? This work is illustrated by an activity in modeling: PhD of
arnauddelafortelle: 5 Hits
QoS Control Scheme for Multi-homed Vehicular Networks}, booktitle = {Roadside Networks for Vehicular... , abstract = {A multi-homed vehicular mobile network uses different wireless and radio communicati... through multiple routing paths. Because of network mobility and lack of reliable quality-of-service ... s a QoS architecture which inter-operates with NEtwork MObility Basic Support Protocol (NEMO-BSP) [1]
Research: 5 Hits
we focus on road applications. While most of our work consists in technological developments, the LARA ... it is implied into the development of data fusion work packages, i.e. in the CARSENSE project. ---- ==... ogram and account to develop them within the framework of the automated road to provide tools which will... ated road. It seems that modes in hierarchical networks as for data processing would be better adapted t
List of existing packages and components: 5 Hits
]] Symbol FIXME: : Fix the description and if it work or not. ===== ASL_Ibeo ===== === IbeoML === FIX... FIXME: === gps === FIXME: === GpsVizu === * **Work:** <html><font color=red>NOT USED</font></html> ... ebastienmiquerolle]] === ExposeService === * **Work:** <html><font color=green>WELL</font></html> *... Zeroconf Service -> * **Description:** This is a module
Thouraya TOUKABRI: 4 Hits
p project:** Integration of IPv6 and C2C-CC GeoNetworking into a common protocol stack * **Documentat... 01.01_60/ts_10263601v010101p.pdf]] - Network architecture [[ l:** <> ===== Current Work ===== [[imara:research:communications:lara-com:work-progress|work progress July-August 2011]] ===== Publication & Articles ===== - **ITST2011 co
CATS Project Presentation: 3 Hits
**, * Fully accessible. ===== Structure of the Work-Plan ===== {{ :contracts:cats:workplan.jpg?700 |Structure of the Work-Plan}} ===== Work Packages ===== ^ Person/months for each WP ^ WP0 ^ WP1 ^
Building and packaging a mipsel-linux cross-compilation toolchain: 3 Hits
though it is likely that the following would also work to build (big endian) mips-linux cross toolchains... ation or configuration problem; compiler does not work </code> <code> cc1: error: bad value (i686) for -... imes happens that a command line that should have worked perfectly well, is replaced by one with some of... et system. Here is a sample bash script doing the work. <code bash> for FILE in $targetfs/lib/*.la $targ
PICAV: 3 Hits
, parking, vehicle/infrastructures intelligent networking. PICAV system usefully integrates the existin... identity of the passenger can be hidden. __**Networking:**__ the fleet of PICAV will provide a new tr... ransport, parking, traffic/travel information. Networking and driver support services will be based on a... t-up and delivered. ---- ===== Structure of the Work-Plan ===== {{ ::contracts:picav:workplan.jpg?500
GForge SVN Projects: 3 Hits
rative path planning]] is the continuation of the work on [[ l-taxis-col/|Simulation de taxis collectifs]] PhD work of Jennie * [[|Olivier Mehani's GForge]], including works on a [[ |Rodrigob's Taxi Development zone]], non released work of Rodrigo and some intern students. * [[https:
Use of probe vehicles traffic data for traffic signal management and command: 3 Hits
n requirements. The robotics lab (CAOR) has been working on traffic datamining since nearly 3 years, wi... ed by French National Research Agency (ANR). This work is also conducted in a research collaboration rec... pplications. ===== Subject: ===== The internship work shall be focused on possible use of probe vehicle... ed freeways into neighbouring arterial roads. The work will require use of existing traffic simulations
Evangeline POLLARD: 3 Hits
mmunications and Computing. During 2005-2006, she worked at the German Aerospace Laboratories (DLR) in M... rraSAR-X processor. In 2010, she defended her PhD work at the French Aerospace Lab (Onera). Then, she pursued her work on data fusion and multi-target tracking in collaboration with the Livic and the Uni... rkeley as a visitor researcher. Now, she is still working in perception applications for automotive appl
Omar HAMDOUN: 2 Hits>. * Phone: ===== Work ===== Please describe your work including the co
Joël SENPAUROCA: 2 Hits>. * Phone: ===== Work ===== Please describe your work including the co
Anne Sophie PUTHON: 2 Hits>. * Phone: ===== Work ===== Please describe your work including the co
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