How to Upload Files

It is possible to upload files (PDF, videos,…) to the pages of this wiki. This can be done as follow:

Edit the wiki page as usual (either using the Edit button for a specific section or the Edit this page link at the bottom).

You can add a file using the mediafile selection dialog which you can show using the edition toolbar.

Use the toolbar to show the dialog

This dialog shows a directory tree on the left, and the files in the current namespaces on the right. It is possible to upload new files in the current namespace (:users in this example, this can be changed with the folder tree) or in a newly created one by specifying the namespace part and the name in the Upload as field. Beware: the namespace for the file to upload is relative to the current one. For example, to upload the file as :users:oliviermehani:oliviermehani.jpg while already in the :users namespace, one would upload the file as oliviermehani:oliviermehani.jpg. The mediafile selection dialog

You can then select you freshly imported file for inclusion in the wiki page. With the given rights, it is also possible to delete a file using the trash can icon next to its name.

The freshly imported media file

You can also type in a short description as the Alternative and Title text of the image.

Add the description

Nota: try and use file formats that everybody can read (PDF, JPG,…) rather than application-specific files. In case you really need to publish these specific files, remember to add a (maybe degraded) version of the document in a widely readable format.

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