The syntax is as follows.
<imageflow %NAMESPACE%></imageflow>


<image %IMAGE%[?width=%WIDTH%&linkto=%LINKTO%]>%DESCRIPTION%</image>
Option Description
%NAMESPACE% If this is given, the following won't matter. The plugin then reads all images from the given namespace and builds the flow-scroller
%IMAGE% an Image as you know it from DokuWiki - but it does not yet support any known options
%WIDTH% (optional) Width in px. The only option that should be given, so that DokuWiki will return smaller Images and the browser won't have to load and re-render all the images at this point. The recommended width is “200”
%LINKTO% (optional) Here you can set a wiki page. If this is given, the user will be redirected to the wiki page, instead of getting a popup when clicking the image.
%DESCRIPTION% You can give an alternate description here, to display some description if no IPTC Caption meta-data is set

You can use your images names or page names as anchors. This will directly pop out the item after the imageflow loaded.

See imageflow for more information.

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