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 +The syntax is as follows.
 +A basic gallery can be added by selecting a [[:namespaces|namespace]] like this:
 +  {{gallery>namespace}}
 +All imagefiles in the selected namespace will be added to the image gallery.
 +Instead of using a whole namespace of images, you can also specify a single image -- this makes most sense when combined with the lightbox mode (see below).
 +  {{gallery>namespace:someimage.jpg}}
 +The created gallery can be aligned by using whitespace (defaults to centered):
 +  {{gallery> namespace}} (right aligned)
 +  {{gallery>namespace }} (left aligned)
 +  {{gallery> namespace }} (centered)
 +Instead of a namespace, you can also give an HTTP(s) URL to any [[wp>Media RSS]] or ATOM feed with enclosures (as produced by most photo sharing sites like Flickr). The images will then be pulled from that feed instead:
 +  {{gallery>http://www.23hq.com/rss/schabloni}}
 +Note: since the question mark is used to separate the parameters (see next section) the URL can not contain any question mark. To use such a feed URL with the gallery plugin, just use one of the many short URL services like [[http://bit.ly]].
 +Eg. instead of ''%%http://api.flickr.com/services/feeds/photos_public.gne?id=22019303@N00&lang=en-us&format=rss_200%%'' use a shortened URL like ''%%http://bit.ly/HurZM%%''.
 +Additionally, to have thumbnail creation correctly working you need to set [[config:fetchsize]] big enough to get the remote images downloaded.
 +==== Parameters ====
 +A number of parameters can be set by appending them with ''?'' character to the namespace or image. Each parameter needs to be separated with a ''&'' character. Defaults for all parameters can be set in the config manager. If a parameter is enabled by default it can be disabled in the syntax by prefixing it with the syllable ''no''. E.g. the parameter ''cache'' is usually enabled and can be disabled using the keyword ''nocache''. Below is a list of all recognized parameters
 +^ Parameter                      ^ Default         ^ Description    ^
 +| ''//<number>//x//<number>//''  | ''%%120x120%%'' | Sets the size for thumbnails. Unless the crop option is set, this is a boundary box into which the thumbnail will be fitted, maintaining the correct aspect ratio. |
 +| ''//<number>//X//<number>//''  | ''%%800X600%%'' | Sets the size for the linked images in ''direct'' mode. This is a boundary box into which the image will be fitted, maintaining the correct aspect ratio. Note the uppercase ''X''.|
 +| ''//<number>//''               | ''5''           | The number images per row in the gallery table. If you specify a 0 no table is used instead all thumbnails are added in a sequence. |
 +| ''=//<number>//''              | ''=0''          | Limits the output to the given number of images. ''0'' means all. |
 +| ''+//<number>//''              | ''+0''          | Skip the first number of images. Useful with the option above. |
 +| ''~//<number>//''              | ''~0''          | Add a pagination for the thumbnails displaying the number of given thumbnails per page. ''0'' disables pagination. Pagination is added through JavaScript - when no JavaScript is available all thumbnails are displayed |
 +| ''cache''                      | enabled         | Usually the output of the created gallery is cached. When the images in your selected namespace change, you have to manually force an update of the gallery page's [[:caching|cache]]. To disable the cache for the page showing the gallery, set ''nocache'' as option. |
 +| ''crop''                       | disabled        | Make thumbnails the exact given thumbnail size big, cropping when needed. |
 +| ''direct''                     | disabled        | Link thumbnails with the bigger sized images not with their detail page |
 +| ''lightbox''                   | disabled        | Show images in a fancy JavaScript modal browsing window, see below for details. Setting this option automatically implies the ''direct'' mode |
 +| ''reverse''                    | disabled        | Reverse the order of the displayed images |
 +| ''random''                     | disabled        | Sort images randomly. You might want to use ''nocache'' as well |
 +| ''modsort''                    | disabled        | Sort images by file modification date |
 +| ''datesort''                   | disabled        | Sort images by EXIF date |
 +| ''titlesort''                  | disabled        | Sort images by EXIF title |
 +| ''showname''                   | disabled        | Show filename below thumbnails |
 +| ''showtitle''                  | disabled        | Show EXIF title below thumbnails |
 +| anything containing a ''*''    | jpg,gif,png images | This can be used to filter the list of files found in the given namespace. ''*'' work as simple wildcard symbol. |
 +See [[doku>plugin:gallery|gallery]] for more information.
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