At IMARA we do appliedpublic: research toward the development of driverless vehicles.

The tasks to accomplish autonomous movement can be seen as five principal modules, as illustrated in the diagram. Five main areas of automatic cars

Our team works on all the aspects of the problem, from theoric control problems up to the design of middleware for the management of fleets of vehicles at the city level. When possible, we work to directly test our algorithms on real world vehicles.

Due to the transversal nature of our activity we constantly collaborate with otherpublic: research teams such as emotion,hypercom, caor, livic, etc…

Our vehicles

You can look at our current activities to see the latests results and news.

Current research themes


Autonomous vehicles perception, a SLAMMOT approach

Car to Car communications

Car to Infrastructure communications


Fly algorithm for stereoscopy

Optimization based on stereoscopy algorithms


Spatiotemporal databases for collaborative perception

Path planning with moving objects and real time constraints

Past research themes




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