List of LARA's projects

Running projects

Logo Name Summary Duration
logo-puvame.jpgPuvame Protection des Usagers Vulnérables par Alarmes ou Manœuvres d'Evitement2003-2006
logo_mobivip3.jpgMobiVIPVéhicules Individuels Publics pour la Mobilité en centre ville2004-2006
CyberC3 Cybernetic technologies for Cars in the Chinese Cities 2004-2006
PReVENT Intersafe Intersafe explores the accident prevention and mitigation potential of an integrated preventive safety system for intersections. 2004-2007
REACTRealizing Enhanced Traffic Safety and Efficiency in European Road Transport2005-2006

Past projects

Logo Name Summary Duration
logo-cybercars.jpgCybercarsCybernetic Technologies for the Car in the City2001-2004
logo-cybermove.jpgCybermoveCybernetic Transportation Systems for the Cities of Tomorrow2001-2004
ARCOSResearch Action for Secure Driving2002-2004
StardustTowards Sustainable Town development: A Research on Deployment of Urban Sustainable Transport Systems2001-2004
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