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Welcome! If you are here, it is quite likely that you were expecting the good old LaRA wiki layout. Though it has been properly backed up, it's been replaced and is gone.

This is the new LaRA wiki (as you may have guessed). All the pages from the old wiki are still available in namespace :wiki:old (i.e. here) and accessing their old address (e.g. using bookmarks) will seamlessly redirect you to the new location.

This is just a transition mechanism which may not work forever as more and more pages are updated and moved into the new tree. Please consider moving any page you consult or edit if it is not already done.

The user accounts have not been copied. Please ask one of the LaRA Wiki Administrators (or, more directly, Olivier MEHANI or Samer AMMOUN) to re-create it for you. You may also want to have a look at our Documentation: Internal and, more specifically the TODO List for New Users.

Please feel free to report anything that goes wrong or desn't behave as expected.

Olivier Mehani 2009/11/18 00:03

Find below pages from the old LaRA wiki that you may need.

Please move these pages to the appropriate namespace of the new tree. For reference the new wiki tree is as follows.

Migrating users

Just a quick reminder for myself.

wikilara.new$ sed -n "/$USER/{s/lara/user/p}" ../wikilara/conf/users.auth.php.nologin >> conf/users.auth.php
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