Adding a New Contract/Project/Theme/Group

Contracts are made of two things (examples given for a contract named “PROJECTNAME”):

  • a wiki subnamespace in contracts (e.g. :contracts:PROJECTNAME);
  • at least a wiki group (PROJECTNAME) for users involved in the project and, if needed, an admin group for the project (e.g. PROJECTNAMEadmin).

Unfortunately, only wiki administrators can take care of initially creating these. Their TODO list is as follows:

  1. Create page :contracts:PROJECTNAME (:!: remember to edit the tags at the bottom);
  2. Add an ACL group PROJECTNAME;
    • (optional) Add an ACL group PROJECTNAMEadmin;
  3. Example ACLs for the HaveIT contract Adjust ACLs to something suitable e.g.
    1. for group PROJECTNAMEadmin if it exist, or PROJECTNAME otherwise:
    2. for group PROJECTNAME:
      • read or write access on page :contracts:PROJECTNAME
      • edit, create or upload access on namespace :contracts:PROJECTNAME:
    3. for logged-in users (group user):
    4. for the public:
      • read or no access on page :contracts:PROJECTNAME
      • read or no access on namespace :contracts:PROJECTNAME:
  4. Update group membership for users involved
  5. Add PROJECTNAME to the tags of the labs involved
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