Move a Wiki Page and Add a Redirection

When you consult the LaRA wiki, you may visit some pages which have not been moved into the new file tree. Please consider moving it yourself. It is easy.

Move Old Pages

The move option is in the administration tools.

Being on the page to be moved, the process is as follows.

Accessing the administration page Selecting the move option

The new destination can then be chosen from the namespace which already exist, or typed in.

Selecting the new namespace

And that's it, the page has been moved to its new location!

Add a Redirection

:!: The redirection is now added automatically. The following information is just left here for reference :!:

After having moved a page, it may be interesting to add a redirection for people accessing the page from an external site.

After having moved a page, go back to its previous location. As it doesn't exist anymore, it has to be recreated. Only one line is needed to create the redirection.

Adding the redirection code

After saving the page, one is automatically redirected to the new location.

The redirection works!

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