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Wiki Introduction and Guidelines

What is a Wiki?

From Wikipedia: “A wiki is a website that allows the easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor.”

Basic Usage

  • Page edition/creation,
    • Page naming convention: letters. digits, dashes and underscores
      • avoid underscores as placeholders for spaces (e.g. pagename, not page-name or page_name)
      • put dates first if any (e.g. YYYYMMDDpagename)
  • Namespaces,
    • Think: “folder” or “directory”,
    • colon “:” used as a component separator,

What is THIS Wiki?

  • The LaRA wiki,
  • A central point of research labs members of LaRA - La Route Automatisée
    • public presentation to the outside world (see Caor, Imara),
    • private details, know how and work in progress
      • information storage and sharing within the teams,
      • work alone and/or in group,
  • Using ACLs, access rights can be finely tuned:
    • Several user levels: LaRA Wiki Administrators (group admin), People (group user + lab), partners (group partner), others (public, not logged in, ALL)

Namespace Structure

Using Tags to Link Related Content

  • Tags are keywords for each page preferably at the bottom
{{tag>tag1 tag2}}
  • List of matching pages are then easily built
{{topic>tag +other -unwantedtag}}

Tags are the backbone glueing namespaces together


Advanced Use

Specific plugins to cater for our everyday needs (a lot more is available):

  • jsmath renders LaTeX math formulas to MathML;
  • filelist to create links to a list of files;
  • indexmenu to show a tree of the pages and better identify namespace creep;
  • gallery to create image galleries (and imageflow for CoverFlow-like shows) from a given namespace;
  • google_cal to display the contents of selected Google Calendars;
  • doodle to schedule events without relying on third party sites;
  • S5 to quickly generate in-browser presentations from a wiki page, and a LaRA theme.


  • Where was I unclear?
  • What did I not cover?

Remember: The Wiki is a collaborative effort not to lose our expertise. Every newcomer should be told about it and have their account created as soon as possible.

Example good wiki pages: Paulo RESENDE, Olivier MEHANI, haveit, cats

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