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Extension Plugins

Several plugins have been installed, the following extend the wiki syntax:

  • tag (and pagelist) adds page-tagging features while cloud can be used to generate tag and word clouds if needed;
  • jsmath renders LaTeX math formulas to MathML;
  • filelist to create links to a list of files;
  • indexmenu to show a tree of the pages and better identify namespace creep;
  • gallery to create image galleries (and imageflow for CoverFlow-like shows) from a given namespace;
  • FlashPlayer (extended version) to embed media files in a page, waiting for a more widespread support of the HTML5 <video> tag;
  • google_cal to display the contents of selected Google Calendars;
  • doodle to schedule events without relying on third party sites;
  • page_redirector to redirect old addresses to new pages (404manager is also installed but disabled);
  • S5 to quickly generate in-browser presentations from a wiki page, and a LaRA theme;
  • BibTeX to nicely render citations and bibliographies from a BibTeX file.

And some other which don't:

  • fckglite provides a WYSIWYG editor FIXME currently disabled due to incompatibility with some syntax plugins;
  • pagemove allows to move or renames pages while taking care of updating all backlinks and other references;
  • permissioninfo to help debug ACLs,
  • searchindex to refresh the search index,
  • snippets for easy insertion of snippets of wiki markup,
  • tagentry to attach tags to a page using checkboxes,
  • permissioninfo to check ACLs.

Adaptation and Configuration

Apart from normal configuration modifications in the conf/ subdirectory of the wiki, small modifications have been done on the wiki engine and to the template. They either correct small bug or add features. The following patches have been created:

Old LaRA wiki

In case you are looking for pages from the old LaRA wiki, please find them here.

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