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Cycab videos: 13 Hits
ferent concepts : car-sharing and the intelligent vehicle. Car-sharing has been developed with industrial p... ric utility company * Renault The intelligent vehicle has been studied by INRIA with various computer t... ctric cars with one single driver. In 1997, a new vehicle called the CyCab, designed specifically for car-f... ee cities, has been presented to the public. This vehicle, developed with the assistance of EDF, RATP and A
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tle = {An Integrated Architecture for Multi-homed Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communications}, booktitle =... t is challenging to guarantee high quality in vehicle-to-infrastructure communications. This paper ... le = {V2I data exchange architecture for enhanced vehicle-road cooperation}, booktitle = {Proceedings of ... , Fawzi}, title = {Performance analysis of intervehicle Communication for Collaborative Traffic Applicat
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===== PICAV (Personal Intelligent City Accessible Vehicle System) is a European FP-7 project which aims at designing a new personal vehicle able to demonstrate a new mobility concept for passengers ensuring ... e, assisted driving, eco-sustainability, parking, vehicle/infrastructures intelligent networking. PICAV sy... objectives ===== ^ Objective ^ measure/check ^ | vehicle footprint | Width: 800
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s evaluated in a vehicularnetwork with up to four vehicles. To analyze the impact of the vehicles' posi... switching from NEMO to MANET, routes between vehicles are optimized, and the final performance isi... ed Link State Routing (OLSR) protocol. Up to four vehicles are used to study the VANET performance over dif... systems, nicta, oliviermehani, optimization, phd, vehicle}, location = {Lille, France}, month =
B2, A Compact Self-Balancing Two-Wheeled Vehicle: 9 Hits
~ ===== B2, A Compact Self-Balancing Two-Wheeled Vehicle ===== {{:wiki:old:public: research:b2:b2_strip.j... nment. Here we present the first prototype of the vehicle which represents our goals of an extremely compac... ile also minimizing operating costs. Yet, it is a vehicle capable of carrying two people and reaching speed... dred times a second a microcomputer estimates the vehicle movement via gyroscopes mounted on the vehicle fr
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r driver assistance or for fully automated guided vehicles. We put aside the internal sensors which are rat... ed. Internal sensors give information on the host vehicle state, such as its velocity and steering angle in... etc) are of several types: - localization of the vehicle with respect to the infrastructure using digital ... radar devices; - localization of the surrounding vehicles and determination of their behaviour is obtained
Traffic Lights Recognition (TLR) public benchmarks: 7 Hits
se_urban_scene_1_-_screen_1.jpg?230 }} //On-board vehicle acquisition in a dense urban environment.// **1... on:\\ acquired from the [[caor:platforms:hardware:vehicles:c3|C3 vehicle]], camera sensor [[http://www.alli... was mounted behind the interior rear-view mirror, vehicle speed is < 50km/h (< 31 mph) \\ \\ \\ {{:users:ra... raffic lights templates," //2009 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium//, Xian: IEEE, 2009, pp. 358-363. (rea
FURBOT Project Presentation: 7 Hits
objectives ===== ^ Objective ^ measure/check ^ | vehicle footprint | Width: 800 mm x Length 1100 mm (+- 20%) | | vehicle weight | less than 250 kg | | vehicle agility: step overcoming | up to 180 mm | | vehicle agility: max incline, max tilt | 25 ° | | vehicle agility: turning radius | 1 m | | vehicle maximum speed
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ltering, image processing,...) * Control of the vehicle (acceleration, braking, steering) * Communicati... ces such as a fleet of a dozen of computer driven vehicles, various sensors and advanced computing faciliti... l|LIVIC]], Laboratory on the Interactions between Vehicle, Infrastructure and Conductor) has been set up in... for the developement of on board sensors in road vehicles and we are in charge in particular, of vision al
CityMobil SP3 - Meeting 19/02/2007: 7 Hits
* * Vehichle requirement : INRIA, Robosoft * Vehicle concept : INRIA, Robosoft * Vehicle subsystems ... .3 === Delivrable for october. A fournir : moving vehicles + State of the art obstacle detection. 3.3.2 ->... og is involved in platooning ; CRF with dual mode vehicle ; WP1 does already "cooperative control" <- how ... logies <- c'est pour moi ça. Fiat develops 3 new vehicles to do platooning. They're asking for dedicated s
A New Benchmark for the Energy-Constrained Fastest Path with Waypoints (EFP+W) Problem: 6 Hits
he goal is to determine the best path of a single vehicle from a start position S to a goal position G in t... A simple energy consumption law (function of the vehicle speed) is given ; each edge of the graph may be r... speed. The best path should minimize the overall vehicle travel duration while satisfying the aforemention... ters per hour) ; ex: 1 L/h (0 L/h for an electric vehicle) * Q : Utility constant ; ex: 400 * m(e) : Co
2011-06-10: Monthly Scientific Seminary: 5 Hits
platform CarGeo6 that will be used on any IMARA's vehicle//**. **2.** Hao Li talked about : **// Multi-Vehicle cooperative perception//**. He first talked about single vehicle perception and then explain how multi-vehicle cooperative perception enhances traffic safety in scenarios that are challenging for single vehicle perception {{tag>imara event past monthly 2011 haoli thourayatoukabri}}
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well as goods in most countries. Improvements in vehicle quality have helped to increase comfor, safety, c... of intermodality but also in new technologies for vehicle control. Indeed, the control techniques for vehicles have not changed basically in the last one hundred years with the driver having the total responsibility of his/her vehicle through mechanical impediments (steering wheel and pedals). These primi
IPv6 for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (Cooperative ITS): 4 Hits
uld need tons of IP addresses (e.g. minimum 1 per vehicle, but more presumably tens per vehcile): there won... 6-Cars-EuropeanCommission-TErnst.pdf|IPv6 and the vehicle of the future: The CVIS & GeoNet EU projects}} - ... * [[|CVIS: Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure System]]: FP6 European Project *... =K61iDr9fYGE | INRIA's demonstration of driveless vehicle in Trondheim using IPv6 communication box]], 200
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