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==== Internal ==== Internal links are created by using square brackets. You can either just give a [[pag... ame|link text]]. Internal links are created by using square brackets. You can either just give a [[p... not allowed. You can use [[some:namespaces]] by using a colon in the pagename. You can use [[some:namespaces]] by using a colon in the pagename. For details about namespaces see [[doku>namespaces]].
Fylvestre: 10 Hits
monitoring of ''fylvestre'''s vitals can be done using [[|phpSysInfo... tc. This storage space is also quickly available using HTTP at [[]]. ===... e necessary, after login, to acquire an AFS token using ''klog'' before being able to access AFS-files in... |Debian GNU/Linux]], which is easily maintainable using [[
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lidar map * cycab_lidar_rec_path: Record a path using lidar * cycab_lidar_play_virtualdestination: Play using a virtual destination without using the HMI * cycab_lidar_play_cci: Play using the HMI (C... * cybus_lidar_rec_map_OLD: Record the lidar map (using OLD components) * cybus_lidar_rec_path_OLD: Record a path using lidar (using OLD components) * cybus_lidar_play_cci_OLD: Play using the HMI (CCI
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Belief Propagation Approach to Traffic Prediction using Probe Vehicles}, booktitle = {To appear in Proc... ow arterial trac conditions can be estimated using sparsely sampled GPS probe vehicle data provided ... obal network-level analysis of trac patterns using matrix factorization and clustering methods. The... ng, processing and interpreting trac information using GPS probe vehicle data.}, owner = {arnaud},
Building and packaging a mipsel-linux cross-compilation toolchain: 8 Hits
ilation problem === When compiling for the target using the freshly built ''binutils'', one may enconter ... ound them in the ''$PATH''), and the toolchain is using the host's ''binutils'' instead of the ''mipsel-l... has to be built in a separate directory. We'll be using the same layout. After unpacking the glibc source... l-linux/libgcc.a when searching for -lgcc </code> Using ''objdump'' and ''grep'' to remove all correctly
First things to do on a new 4G Cube: 7 Hits
command shows how to transfer a file to the Cube using ''scp''. <code> $ sudo ifconfig eth0:lara 192.168... and repository. This should be copied to the Cube using ''scp''. It may be necessary to give execution rights on the script using ''chmod''. It will setup a basic Internet connection, with user-provided p... ands will set up the internet access for the cube using ''imara-olsr-gw'' ( as an IPv4 uplink an
Fatin ZAKLOUTA: 6 Hits
&nouser}} * **Real-time traffic sign recognition using spatially weighted HOG trees** Fatin Zaklouta, Bo... tion Masks for Real-time Traffic Sign Recognition using Weighted HOG-based Trees** Fatin Zaklouta, Bogdan... :itsc2011.pdf|}} * **Traffic Sign Classification using K-d trees and Random Forests** Fatin Zaklouta, Bo... jcnn.pdf|}} * **Warning Traffic Sign Recognition using a HOG-based K-d Tree** Fatin Zaklouta, Bogdan St
GForge SVN: 6 Hits
.pub''. The contents of this file can be obtained using your favorite editor (vim, gedit, pico, mcedit,..... enerate the keypair ==== The keypair is generated using the ''PuTTYgen'' tool (''Start/Programs/PuTTY/PuT... login with your GForge username. PuTTY should be using the keypair to authenticate to the SCM server. Af... toise_checkout.png |Checking TAXI out}} Note: if using a public key with a passphrase set, one should en
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lication-centric metrics is more appropriate than using the common network metrics- based indirect appr... ped. Performance results have been geolocated using GPSinformation. Second, by switching from NEMO ... his paper an integral VANET testbed is evaluated, using 802.11b and a multi-hop network managed by the Op... system. We describe an instance of this framework using a constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) approach.
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of the vehicle with respect to the infrastructure using digital maps and GPS plus inertial navigation and... n, in relation with MIT and ENSMP. A new approach using an evolutionary approach has been developed (the ... ds orders to the mechanical parts of the vehicles using all the information raised by the sensors. For ex... transportation system; - analysis of the model using mathematical analysis or through simulation; -
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eels motors blocks, allows to reduce costs (by re-using identical parts) and volume (four small engines w... g" mode implemented on the CyCab, the benefits of using the SynDEx tool which supports the AAA methodolog... s formalized in terms of graphs transformations. Using the graphical user interface of SynDEx, the first... urces by minimizing the components number, and by using cheaper components. On the contrary, if the appli
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====== Using AFS ====== ===== Introduction ===== AFS is the common file system for any user registered... ynchronize your files with your AFS account, e.g. using [[|Unis... u and giving the rights to the appropriate files) using ''klog'' (with an optional username if your local... ''kdestroy'', and list the currently held tokens using ''tokens''. <code> mehani@vision:~$ klog mehani P
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e as follow: Edit the wiki page as usual (either using the ''Edit'' button for a specific section or the... s page'' link at the bottom). You can add a file using the mediafile selection dialog which you can show using the edition toolbar. {{ :wiki:old:tools:add_file.png |Use the toolbar to show the dialog}} ... iven rights, it is also possible to delete a file using the trash can icon next to its name. {{ :wiki:m
Setup AFS for Linux: 3 Hits
section. We'll set up PAM so that user can login using their AFS pass and get a token. This is done by ... l the client binaries and build the kernel module using ''module-assistant'': <code> $ sudo apt-get insta... t # download, build and install the kernel module using the UI </code> And add the lines mentionned in t
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