Thierry ERNST

Thierry Ernst


  • Cooperative ITS manager at Mines ParisTech
  • Leader of LaRAcom activities within IMARA/LaRA
  • Coordinator of the ITSSv6 project
  • Within LaRA, in charge of projects SANDRA, SCOREF, ITSSv6
  • ISO Technical Committee 204 (ITS) WG16 (CALM) sub-working group “networking” convenor
  • ETSI TC ITS WG3 Vice-Chairman (since oct.2010)
  • President of the G6 association (IPv6 promotion and training in France)
  • IPv6 contact point at IMARA/LaRA
  • Member of the French delegation in ISO TC204 (WG16, WG18) and CEN TC278 (WG16)

Former Responsibilities

Research Areas

  • IPv6 Mobility (Mobile IPv6, NEMO, Monami6, Multicast, etc)
  • Communication architectures for Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (Cooperative ITS)

Current Projects

Past Projects


Dr. Thierry Ernst works as Cooperative ITS Project Manager at Mines ParisTech. He holds a PhD in computer networks from University Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, obtained in October 2001 and performed within the PLANETE project-team at Inria in association with Motorola Labs.

He is internationally recognized in the field of mobility in the new generation of the Internet Protocol (IPv6), particularly in the « Network Mobility » (NEMO) research topic he launched. During his 4-year long non-tenure researcher position at Keio University (InternetCar team within Jun Murai Laboratory), Japan, he founded and chaired the Nautilus6 working group within the WIDE organization, and the NEMO and MonAmi6 working groups within the IETF. His research work on IPv6 mobility has then led him to focus on Cooperative ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems or C-ITS).

Now at Mines ParisTech, he leads LaRAcom, the research and development team specialized in IPv6 communications for Cooperative ITS within LaRA (La Route Automatique - The automated road), a Joint Research Unit established between Mines ParisTech (CAOR robotic lab) and Inria (IMARA project-team). As such, he participated to several european and national projects related to ITS (CVIS, Anemone, MobiSeND, SANDRA). He setup and ensured the technical coordination of the FP7 GeoNet project which aimed at specifying and developing the IPv6 multicast distribution of messages to vehicles located in a geographic area (IPv6 GeoNetworking). He is now coordinating the FP7 ITSSv6 project (IPv6 stack for ITS stations) and is involved in Field Operational Tests of Cooperative ITS (FP7 DRIVE-C2X and SCOREF in France). He is also heavily involved in Cooperative ITS standardization activities (ITS station reference architecture set of standards) at ISO TC204 (CALM), CEN TC278 WG16 / ISO TC204 WG18 (Cooperative ITS) and ETSI TC ITS where he leads a number of work items. He is member of the French national delegation in these groups. He currently serves as convenor of ISO TC204 WG16 sub-working group “networking” and co-chair of ETSI TC ITS WG3 (networking).

In addition to his activities in Cooperative ITS, he is the president of the French association on IPv6 (G6).


Participated Events and Presentation Material

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