Satoru Noguchi



  • Wide-area service discovery over IPv6 GeoNetworking for vehicular communication systems
    • handle both V2V/V2R/R2V service discovery and V2I/I2V discovery
    • Objective: high scalability, low latency, and GeoNetworking-support discovery, even via Internet
    • {Wide area bonjour (mDNS, DNS-SD, DNS update) | SLP} on IPv6 with NEMO possibly reused
    • Performance analysis of GeoNetworking-based service discovery protocol
      • Simulation: ns-3 integration of IPv6 GeoNetworking protocol
      • Field evaluation: integration of service discovery protocol into CarGeo6 (on real vehicle)
  • Cross-layer system management for VC applications
    • e.g. Application specific route/interface/medium selection
    • In cooperation with ISO/ETSI's management plaine
  • Interested in:
    • ISO TC204 ITS
    • ETSI TC ITS WG1,2
  • Contributions
    • GeoNet project
    • CarGeo6 project
    • MobiSEND project


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