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  • La Rochelle, France (September, 2008) - Centralized crossroad manager (velocity control)
  • Trondheim, Norway (August, 2009) - Software architecture, trajectory planning, speed guard, control multiplexer, etc…
  • Formello, Italy (February, 2010) - Software design and implementation, verification and maintenance.
  • Brussels, Belgium (September, 2010) - System architecture, software design and implementation, trajectory planning, etc…
  • La Rochelle, France (February, 2011) - System architecture, software design and implementation, route and trajectory planning, longitudinal and lateral control, HMI, supervision, etc…

Fun stuff

Application Purpose Programming Languages Status
Xml Player for Google Maps Replay previously recorded XML scenarios in Google Maps HTML, JavaScript, XML Done YES
Vehicles management system Vehicles reservation and reporting system PHP + MySQL, HTML, JavaScript Ongoing YES
Path bending Deform a path (overtaking) when obstacles are in the way C++ (RTMaps) Tested YES
Dashboard instrument Dashboard instruments for the IMARA vehicles (e.g. speedometer) C++ (RTMaps) Done YES
Polynomial trajectory planner A fast trajectory planner for HAVEit C Done YES
Shortest Dubins path to line Metric used with a PMP to make a vehicle reach a target lane composed of line segments for HAVEit C Done YES
VehicleStateSimulator Drive a vehicle in Google Earth by using the keyboard (manual mode) or in automatic mode C++ (RTMaps) Done YES
Path2Rec Apply a Piecewise Cubic Hermite Interpolating Polynomial (PCHIP) to a KML path to obtain a smooth path to be followed Matlab To be tested NO
RiskAssessment Estimate the collision risk based on the TTC C Done YES



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