Olga Kokshagina


  • Position: Stagiaire of Robotics Lab. (CAOR) at Mines ParisTech
  • Supervisor: Arnaud de La Fortelle
  • Period: Avril - Septembre 2010;
  • Laboratory: CAOR, L007, Mines ParisTech


Cooperative path planning at intersections, part of LARA project (La route automatiseé)

The work is mostly based on the research internships of Francisco GARCIA COLLADO, Colin Valière and Olivier Mehani.

Work objectives

  • Enlarge mathematical model of the system in order to guarantee collision safety in the crossroad and roads before and after it.
  • Implement states controlling cars behavior;.
  • Reorganize the intersection system considering two different parts: Server and World (simulated or real: CyberCars, Robots)
  • Implement WEB-interface for the system using SVG graphic format (more details here). The scheme of the interface is represented below

  • Experiment with the mobile robots and CyberCars

Below represented three main parts of the system


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