Jiefeng CHEN

Jiefeng Chen (Terence)



The main task of my internship is to test and evaluate the security material of MobiSeND project, and to prepare the testbed environment for final demonstration. MobiSeND project is aimed to identify ITS-specific security issues and threats in network layer and provide counter-measurements. As a result, our team have designed a security mechanism for protecting messages exchanges used in our route optimization scheme developed for ITS. Together with the developer, we perform conformance test of the implementation and evaluate the cost. To validate the mechanism, we carry out live demonstrations in real vehicles (IMARA's C3) to prove the vulnerability of the original protocol and how it is protected by the security extension. In this task, I am in charge of network testbed preparation, attacking scenario design and attacking software implementation.While the responsible person is away, I am also involved in some part of the administration works to make sure the project conduct smoothly.



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