Tasks already achieved

Task Description Status Problems/difficulties/Remarks Date of creation Expected date of resolution
Familiarisation with IPv6 Documentation about IPv6 & MIPv6; basic line tool command OK none
Familiarisation with the GeoNet Project scope Reading the GeoNet specification draft OK misunderstanding of the GeoNet designed scenarios
Integration of the appropriate patch of MIP6 & NEMO in the kernel Patching the 2.27.19 kernel OK Kernel source compilation problems solved
IPv6 Multicast Documentation Multicast addressing; MLD RFCs; PIM RFC; Related multicast routing protocolsOK no mechanism integrated to MLD to discover multicast sources/services (ensured by other protocols like SLP with which a specific IPv6 Multicast address is used); 2 multicast routing protocols (DVMRP is no longer used for performance matter, MBGP can be used also); PIM is not really a multicast routing protocol because it uses informations provided by other routing protocols (in the routing table) to build the multicast distribution tree
IPv6 Multicast code analysis Global understanding of the multicast implementation & functioning on the 2.6.27 linux kernel +-OK PIM Routing was a patch in linux kernel but it's integrated to it by USAGI from the 2.6.26 version, link to multicast functionning on the Linux Kernel
Test of a basic NEMO configuration basic configuration including 1 host + 1 MR nemo BS enabled + HA OK Signaling problems between HA & MR
Test of different multicast scenarios with mrd6 Test of different multicast scenarios to ensure the possibility of integrating NEMO with IPv6 multicast +- OK Multicast packet delivery runned successfully with 2 subnets, one source & a static RP configuration (link to testbed)
Reading the MLD forwarding proxy RFC (RFC 4605)The MLD forwarding proxy may be a solution to deploy IPv6 multicast and avoid the use of a multicast routing protocol as PIM in simple network topologies like ours OK 25/05 10/06
Testing the MLD forwarding with ecmh The tests aim to simulate the GeoNet scenarios (I2V, V2V) OK packet sniffing problems, multicast duplicated Packets, interfaces checking 25/05 28/07
Investigating on the multicast Performance tools Investigating on the suitable multicast performance tools OK 22/07 28/07

Not yet achieved tasks

Task Description Problems/difficulties/Remarks Date of creation Expected date of resolution
Documentation about Neighbor Discovery Protocol
Documentation about the related Multicast protocols A multicast mechanism which provides the discovering of the multicast groups in one geographical area (GeoNet domain) is required to automate the transmission of multicast packets between senders and receivers. This is because such a mechanism is not integrated to neither MLD nor PIM. First, we will rely on a static configuration of the multicast groups Usually integrated SDP files retrieved from web servers are used and SAP (Session Annoucement Protocol) is also used but not used as much now
Comparison between 2 software enabling multicast routing : mrd6 and ecmh The first goal was to see the functionning of the 2 softwares and their different features. In our scenarios, it may not be relevant to use mrd6 because in the scope of GeoNet, a multicast routing daemon is avoided (topology based on two subnets) GeoNet requirements understanding
Configuration of the IPv6 multicast testbed Configuration of fixed Node; Nodes belonging to several networks & NEMO enabled routers supporting IPv6 multicast and multicast source dynamic position Some configuration problems (devices,routing)
NEMO BS Documentation and code analysis Understanding of the NEMO BS; RFC 3963; code analysis
Writing a study document of IPv6 multicast in GeoNetThe goal of this document is to provide an overview of the applicability of IPv6 multicast to GeoNet
Setting up multicast performance tests The goal is to provide performance measurement about the convergence time in a multicast network based on MLD Forwarding Proxies OK packet sniffing problems, multicast duplicated Packets, interfaces checking 25/05 28/07


Task Description Status Problems/difficulties/Remarks Date of creation Expected date of resolution
Deployment of the LIVIC Application
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