François LUCAS


  • Ph.D. Candidate in 3rd year at Mines ParisTech (CAOR Robotics Centre), in collaboration with Sagem
  • Engineer from ESIEE Paris (with a specialization in Real Time Embedded Systems), graduated in 2008


We are working on efficient search strategies for a class of CSOPs (Constraint Satisfaction and Optimization Problems). The main idea that we follow is to study the hybridization of fast (potentially) sub-optimal stochastic optimization methods, namely metaheuristics, with complete deterministic solvers from the Constraint Programming (CP) domain. Our work is applied to constrained vehicle path planning problems, taken from the military world in which computation times are critical. For those problems, we use an Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithm to solve a relaxed version of the problem. The partial solution is then used to guide a Prolog CP solver, not directly but using an original method derived from the Probe Backtrack Search of the literature.


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