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As director my aim is to ensure the best research is carried out in the LaRA teams. This means dealing with administrative issues (budget, reports, contracts…), staff (recruiting researchers, engineers, PhD students, interns… and their career), equipment (e.g. our platforms). I have also in charge the development and the coordination of a consistent vision shared by the LaRA teams. Moreover, I have also to promote our work and tie links with our partners, academic as well as industrial, to ensure a proper dissemination of our vision and concepts, of our scientific and technological efforts. This cooperation also ensures we are aware of the new problems and that we can help the industry solve these new problems. Fortunately enough, this work is not a single man's effort but a whole team effort!

Research topics

Aside the direction, I still have some research activity. There are 3 main domains:

  1. Cooperative systems are systems made of several interacting objects (typically cars and the infrastructure) that exchange information to optimize their efforts. There are several questions raised by such systems. What are the goals of the various entities? What kind of trade-off is feasible (since goals are often not the same but are conflicting)? Which is the information to be exchanged? What kind of decision can be derived from these information? What is the behavior (often the probable behaviour) of the entities? Of the entire system? This work is illustrated by an activity in modeling: PhD of Jennie Lioris about collective taxis, PhD of François Lucas about meta-heuristics for navigation, CATS simulator with Sami Mahari, Cooperative planning at intersections…
  2. Vehicular communication is necessary for cooperation. And cooperation is needed to improve the 3 main challenges that road transport faces today: safety (e.g. fatalities), efficiency (e.g. congestion) and energy (e.g. greenhouse effect). The automotive industry is aware of that and large initiatives are currently launched, most notably by Car-2-Car Communication Consortium, European Commission and global players such as standardization bodies (ISO, ETSI…). This work is illustrated by my involvement in the development of the communication architecture necessary for cooperative systems: participation to REACT and COM2REACT European projects, coordination of the European GeoNet project, participation to French DIVAS and SCORE@F projects…
  3. Probability theory is a remain of my PhD period. I am still fascinated by the wealth of – sometimes simple – probabilistic models. Large deviations theory is considered, with some refinements. But also dynamic systems such as random trees are studied. I have also an interest in AI with inference algorithms like Belief Propagation (used for traffic reconstruction) but this is more the current work of another part of the team.



I have been involved in several past contracts:

And in current contracts:

Notwithstanding the numerous proposals I am involved in.


  • Responsabilité du module Apports des NTIC dans la chaîne technologique globale du Mastère spécialisé Ingénierie des Véhicules Electriques
  • Enseignement des probabilités à Mines ParisTech.

Other responsibilities

  • Member of the scientific committee of the National Research Agency (French ANR)
    • vehicles for ground transportation
    • cities and sustainable mobility
  • Member of several technical program committees for conferences
  • Member of the Board of governors of IEEE ITSS (Intelligent Transportation Systems Society);
  • Member of the Board of the French SIA (Automotive Engineers Society);


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