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e. This page contains all possible syntax you may use when editing the pages. Simply have a look at the... m of the page. If you want to try something, just use the [[playground:playground|playground]] page. Th... u can **__//''combine''//__** all these. You can use <sub>subscript</sub> and <sup>superscript</sup>, too. You can use <sub>subscript</sub> and <sup>superscript</sup>, too. You can mark something as
Cycab videos: 10 Hits
on these vehicles. The objective is to limit the use of private cars in cities by offering an attracti... and pollution, reduced parking space, and better use of energy ==== Bibliography ==== * [[http://w... * airports and train stations * university campuses * resorts These vehicles are easy to use by ... wn areas, pedestrian malls, large industrial or amusement parks and airports, at a maximum of 30km/h sp
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@phdthesis{2011mehani_adaptive_use_mobile_networks_phd, abstract = {With the widespread availab... aises the problem of the selection method to be used for the choice of the wireless networks to assoc... action) of a control framework to enable better use of available network resources. We first show t... n mechanism which directly considers the relevant user- and application-centric metrics is more appro
First things to do on a new 4G Cube: 8 Hits
/moin.cgi/Ipkg|Ipkg]]. ==== Boot with single user mode ==== On the booting, Press Ctrl+C Enviro... ted. Press Ctrl-C to bypass this. General Purpuse Button is Released YAMON> $start init=/bin/s... One should configure her computer to use an IP address in this range (say, and use a cross cable (or whatever seems appropriate) to connect to the cube. It is worth noting that
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gin with read/write access to the SCM, one has to use SSH, with an asymetric (public/private) keys auth... ndergone. An SSH keypair has to be generated for use when connecting to the GForge server. The SSH client must be configured to use this key, and the GForge system must be aware of the key. SCM : http... ssphrase for more security, but it is possible to use an empty one. {{:wiki:old: :tools:software:putty
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page. ===== Tags ===== To place tags on a page, use the following anywhere on the page (but it's advi... a list of the pages with a specific set of tags, use the ''topic'' keyword. {{topic>TAG1 +TAG2&nouser&nodesc&nodate}} :!: Whenever possible, use tags matching the wiki page they are referring to (e.g. use tag ''imara'' for pages/contracts/people/... related to [[::imara]]). Additionally, make sure
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e]] is a collaborative bibliograhpy system. Every user can create bibliography entries in the system or copy them from other users' library in order to constitute their own. This bibliography can then be exported to various useful formats for use in other bibliography maintenance systems, including Bib... RA's scientific output]], we propose LaRA authors use CiteULike to create entries for their publication
Traffic Lights Recognition (TLR) public benchmarks: 6 Hits
ks#copyrights|copyrights information]] before any use. {{:users:raouldecharette:database_urban_scene_1... vehicle speed is < 50km/h (< 31 mph) \\ \\ \\ {{:users:raouldecharette:database_urban_scene_1_-_map.jpg?230}} {{:users:raouldecharette:database_urban_scene_1_-_frame_2093.jpg?150}} {{:users:raouldechar... :database_urban_scene_1_-_frame_6621.jpg?150}} {{:users:raouldecharette:database_urban_scene_1_-_frame_
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h/''((relative to your dokuwiki root)), you would use ''some/path/*.txt'' as the pattern (and the param... ll jpeg media files in '':some:namespace'', you'd use '':some:namespace:*.jpg''. * **parameterlist** can be used to define optional, ''&'' separated parameters (defined as key-value-pairs). For a list ... internal file list. By default, the file name is used, with upper case being sorted before lower case
A New Benchmark for the Energy-Constrained Fastest Path with Waypoints (EFP+W) Problem: 5 Hits
anning_Ex.xml'') is added. It is also possible to use our tools (cf. [[:benchmarks#Tools|Tools]] sectio... the candidate to give details about the algorithm used (which will be publish also on this webpage). Useful link to a description website can possibly be added. Any additional comments are also welcome. ... (''Graph3.png'') ==== Downloads ==== (c) Free of use for any evaluation purpose but please read the [[
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ogies|5 to 20 years depending on technologies and users (faster for public transport)|2 to 8 years depe... ologies| Each of these scenario is a potential user of some of the research work carried out by the ... ) drive In the old cities designed for pedestrian use, the automobile also has made life if not impossi... erefore in three directions : * make a better use of existing infrastructures by minimizing congest
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}}]] DokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple to use [[wp>Wiki]], mainly aimed at creating documentati... * [[doku>features|A feature list]] :!: * [[doku>users|Happy Users]] * [[doku>press|Who wrote about ... nd Tricks]] * [[doku>Template|How to create and use templates]] * [[doku>plugins|Installing plugins... t]] * [[|Check out the user forum]] * [[doku>irc|Talk to other users in th
Use of probe vehicles traffic data for traffic signal management and command: 4 Hits
====== Use of probe vehicles traffic data for traffic signal management and command ====== Engineering... y it is obtained. Until recently most information used to come from magnetic detection loops buried int... ve begun a collaboration, funded by CalFrance, on use of probe vehicles in traffic related applications... == Subject: ===== The internship work shall be focused on possible use of probe vehicles traffic data i
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ase page]] ===== Software Development ===== {{ :users:pauloresende:waterfall_model.png | Waterfall m... usable by the audience that will visit the site | User-friendly HMI/system (still needs improvement) | ... or a system to satisfy specified requirements. ^ Use case #1 & #3 (LIDAR) ^ Use case #2 (RTK-GPS) ^... he system design. Implementations and components used in the Cycab: ^ Package ^ Component ^ Details ^
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