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{{tag>[list of tags]}} <snippet> The syntax is as follows. ^ [list of tags] | a space separated list of tags that describe the content of the current page | required | Allows you to categorize your wi... point to the corresponding page in the specified tag namespace (only if it exists). If you want a link... ce, you have to indicate the namespace before the tag name. If this page doesn't exist, just the list o
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{{topic>[tag]&[flags]}} <snippet> The syntax is as follows. ^ [tag] | the category tag for which you w... list of all pages that contain the given category tag. The list is sorted alphabetically by page ID. Yo... the list of pages created by the already defined tags and the pages matching the tag following the ''+'' (AND), ''-'' removes all pages tagged with the given tag from the list of already found pages. E
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late// toolbar button when editing a page. ===== Tags ===== To place tags on a page, use the followin... on the page (but it's advisable to keep a single tag block at the bottom of the page). {{tag>TAG1 TAG2}} To make a list of the pages with a specific set of tags, use the ''topic'' keyword. {{topic>TAG1 +TAG2&nouser&nodesc&nodate}} :!: Whenever possible, use tags matching the wiki page they are r
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yntax|extend the wiki syntax]]: * [[doku>plugin:tag|tag]] (and [[doku>plugin:pagelist|pagelist]]) adds page-tagging features while [[doku>plugin:cloud|cloud]] can be used to generate tag and word cloud... espread support of the [[|HTML5 <video> tag]]; * [[doku>... ion of snippets of wiki markup, * [[doku>plugin:tagentry|tagentry]] to attach tags to a page using ch
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content * Content selected by [[pluginssyntax#tags|tags]] (see next slide) * Examples: [[:imara... der-estimate the search function** ===== Using Tags to Link Related Content ===== * [[doku>tag|Tags]] are keywords for each page preferably at the bottom {{tag>tag1 tag2}} * List of matching pages are then easily built {{topic>tag +other -unwantedtag}} * The naming convention of pages
Simulateur/environnement de test: 5 Hits|basic-polling]]), on ... e carrefour est cependant encore améliorable (SVN tag [[|basic-sensible-vehicles]]). {{ :users:oliv... ntelligent et plus efficace émerge cependant (SVN tag [[
Microscopic Management and Control of a Fleet of Cybercars: 4 Hits
:2006internship:curviligne.png |La ressource à partager. }} On va utiliser l'idée de réservations((Kur... ernship:rapport_ait_mebarek_hayet.pdf|Rapport de stage d'Hayet AIT MEBAREK}}, [[\\\da... /|Planning Algorithms]]// ===== Organisation du stage ===== * **15-19 juin** : découverte d'IMARA et... ts,...) et documentation pour la prise en main => tag ''basic-modules'' [[
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ic.jpg?200|Alexis PALJIC}} {{:users:ui.jpg|}} {{tag>alexispaljic people current caor}} ====== Deta... alexispaljic +publication&list&nodate&nouser}} {{tag>alexispaljic people current caor}} * “It” + “I
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====== Virtual and Augmented Reality ====== {{tag>virtualreality}} {{tag>virtual reality}}
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====== {{indexmenu>:#1|js navbar max#3#2}} ===== Tag Cloud ===== ~~TAGCLOUD:1000~~ {{tag>lara imara c
Building and packaging a mipsel-linux cross-compilation toolchain: 3 Hits
</code> Note that the ''--build'' and ''--host'' tags have to be specified instead of the ''--target''... usr/lib/''. <code> /bin/sh ../libtool --tag=CC --mode=link mipsel-linux-gcc -I.. '-DDEBUG_TRA... this one depends upon. dependency_libs=' -L//tmp/staging/mipsel-linux/lib' # Version information for l... 1#g;s#^libdir='\(/usr/lib\)'#libdir=$targetfs\1#g" $FILE fi done </code> {{tag>oliviermehani}}
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N}}%% syntax (see the below [[.indexmenu#metadata tag syntax]]). **meta** should refer to the [[doku>de... te:modified). |By default, pages without metadata tag are sorted by page name (the default DokuWiki way... //**js**//| See [[doku>plugin:indexmenu|indexmenu]] for more information. {{tag>snippet}} </snippet>
CityMobil La Rochelle small demonstration: 2 Hits
nlarochelle +people&list&nodate&nouser}} ---- {{tag>citymobil 2010 demonstration event current carlos
2011-07-08: Monthly Scientific Seminary: 2 Hits
ve Adaptive Cruise Control System for Congestion Reduction//**. {{tag>imara event past monthly 2011}}
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