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ts which can lead to a better road transportation system. This research is financed by our two public orga... now considered as ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) although we focus on road applications. While m... ===== The first step in the design of a control system are sensors and the information we want to extrac... research problem is the multi-sensor data fusion system consisting of a set of internal and external sens
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i:old:projects:cvis:del_cvis_3.3_architecture_and_system_specifications_v1.2.pdf|CVIS Delivrable del_cvis_3.3_architecture_and_system_specifications_v1.2.pdf}}: CVIS SP * {{:wiki:old:projects:cvis:del_comm_3.1_architecture_and_system_specifications_v2.1.pdf|CVIS Delivrable del_comm_3.1_architecture_and_system_specifications_v2.1.pdf}}: COMM SP * {{:wiki:old:projects:cvis:del_como_3.1_architecture_a
Building and packaging a mipsel-linux cross-compilation toolchain: 11 Hits
the headers from the Linux source tree to the filesystem. <code> linux-2.4.27$ sudo cp -R include/linux/ /... lling the libraries in ''/usr/lib'', the building system will put them as the base libraries for the OS, i... f ''libiberty.a'' which is already present in the system. It is not necessary (and even possibly dangerous... , some of the manpages are already present in the system and should be either removed or renamed in order
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rnational Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems}, year = {2011}, pages = {61--64}, month =... naud}, title = {Informative and decision-making systems in cooperative driving: application on crossroa... onference \& Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems}, year = {2008}, owner = {La Fortelle}, ti... others}, title = {Large deviations for polling systems}, journal = {Mathematics and Computer Science:
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uirements ==== Needs or conditions to meet by the system. ^ N° ^ Description ^ Comments... ^ Status ^ | 0 | The system must demonstrate an urban transport system based on cybercars | | YES | | 1 | The system must be usable by the audience that will visit the site | User-friendly HMI/system (still needs i... , components, modules, interfaces, and data for a system to satisfy specified requirements. ^ Use case #1
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CAV (Personal Intelligent City Accessible Vehicle System) is a European FP-7 project which aims at designi... urban pedestrian environments. The new transport system integrates a fleet of PICAV units. These units ha... le/infrastructures intelligent networking. PICAV system usefully integrates the existing public transport system to make it become more accessible for older and disabled people by acting as a smooth link b
First things to do on a new 4G Cube: 8 Hits
/|APT]]-like system to handle package installations and keep the system up-to-date: [[|Ipkg]]. ==== Boot with single user... root@mtx-1:~# ./ LaRA Mobile Router system bootstrap (c) 2007 Inria, Olivier Mehani <olivier... boostrap script automatizes. ==== Manual package system configuration (Kept for reference) ==== Imara now
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=== The CATS project is built around the CRISTAL system. Its main innovation is to be possibly used of tw... (F), Ploiesti (RO) and Formello (I). The Cristal system has been conceived to be implemented in urban env... CATS project, based on the CRISTAL technology and system design and demonstration is dealing with: * an innovative transport system (three possible use, platooning technology…), increasing other public tr
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existence|described here]]) has been added to the system crontab, to be run once a month (''/etc/cron.mont... d ''$HOME''s. All local email te root (and other system accounts) is forwarded to <> ... </Proxy> </VirtualHost> </file> ==== Local System Backups using rdiff-backup ==== The ''/etc'' and ... miriad/themes/sauvegarde/networker/|remote backup system]] available for our computers. Usage of this serv
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nt to the IMARA mailing list for now... ===== Filesystem access ===== <file> Installer les logiciels et mo... l le domaine: Créer à la racine du filesystem un répertoire /afs dans lequel sera, plus tard, monté le filesystem. Spécifier les paramètres de cache local pour le point /afs dans le fichier /etc... Access list for . is Normal rights: imara rl system:administrators rlidwka system:authuser rl sys
BibTeX references related to crossroads scheduling: 6 Hits
LICE (a general constraint satisfaction system) and local consistency methods [3].}, ... endency-Directed Backtracking in a System for Computer-Aided Circuit Analysis.}, journal ... -Organizing Traffic Lights}, journal = {COMPLEX SYSTEMS}, volume = {16}, pages = {29}, url = {http... nt Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems}, year = {2004}, month = {July}, pages = {
CiteULike Tutorial: 6 Hits|CiteULike]] is a collaborative bibliograhpy system. Every user can create bibliography entries in the system or copy them from other users' library in order to constitute their own. This bibliography ... formats for use in other bibliography maintenance systems, including BibTeX. In order to collaboratively m... w the use of CiteULike as one's main bibliography system. The following document is based on screenshots
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since 1991 on this new intelligent transportation system for the cities of tomorrow. They study in particu... es, the possibility to implement a transportation system based on these vehicles. The objective is to limi... tomorrow.png?250}} This new public transportation system is based on a fleet of small electric vehicles sp... ch screen allows the user to communicate with the system in order to get informations such as localization
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a-00631108/en/}, title = {{Advanced Transport Systems Showcased in La Rochelle}}, author = {Alessa... ive response of the citizens to the new transport systems showcased in La Rochelle convinced the city to i... E Annual Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems}}, address = {Washington DC, {\'E}tats-Unis}... tle = {{An on-demand personal automated transport system: The CityMobil demonstration in La Rochelle}},
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