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text-align:center;"><tr><td></html> <php>player('research:cycab:cycab_video1.flv');</php> <html></td></tr><tr><td></html> {{:wiki:old:public: |view on external viewer}} <html>... m ===== <html><center></html> {{:wiki:old:public:research:cycab:cycab_development1.png}} {{:wiki:old:public:research:cycab:cycab_development2.png}} {{:wiki:old:public:research:cycab:cycab_development3.png}
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====== Research ====== At [[:wiki:old:about imara|IMARA]] we do appliedpublic: research toward the developme... trated in the diagram. {{:wiki:old:public: public:research:main_five_areas_of_automatic_cars.png?200|Five ma... ivity we constantly collaborate with otherpublic: research teams such as [[|emoti... c]], etc... Our vehicles * [[:wiki:old:public:research:Cycab]] * Citroën C3 * Twingo * Yamaha vehi
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====== Research ====== Here you can find information about our main research themes. The objective of IMARA... vehicles, infrastructure, and driver. The IMARA research themes are divided in 3 main groups: * [[:imara:research:adas|Driving Assistance and Automation]] * [[:imara:research:modeval|Modeling, Control a... Optimisation of Transport Systems]] * [[:imara:research:communications|Communication Technologies for Mob
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r : Nom du projet/Research team name : IMARA \\ Unité de recherche/Research Unit : Rocquencourt \\ Thème INRIA/Research theme : Num Nom et prénom du chef de projet/Research te... r ==== Contact email: Research team name: IMARA \\ Research Unit: Rocquencourt \\ Research theme: Num Research team leader name: Michel Parent Intern tutor: Rodrigo Benenson Int
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====== Research ====== The LARA team research subject cover all the technical elements which can lead to a better road transportation system. This research is financed by our two public organisations as well... s been developed (the "Fly algorithm"). The next research problem is the multi-sensor data fusion system co... tic driving of platoons of electrical cars. These research is still an active field. We want to enhance the
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====== Scope ====== [[:imara|Home]] | [[:imara:research|Research]] | [[:imara:research:communications|Commun... pe:executionengine|Execution Engine]] * [[imara:research:communications:scope:executionengineapi|Execution Engine API]] * [[imara:research:communications:scope:scopedesigner|Scope Designer]] * [[imara:research:communications:scope:typereflector|Type Reflector]] : logiciel qui permet de visualiser les
IMARA - Informatique, Mathématiques et Automatique pour la Route Automatisée: 8 Hits|French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control]]), and is locate... was the coordination and the transfer of all the research done at INRIA which can be applied to the the con... and is collaborating and working in the following research themes that apply to the concept of [[:lara]]: * [[:imara:research:adas|Driving assistance and automation]] * [[:imara:research:modeval|Modeling
B2, A Compact Self-Balancing Two-Wheeled Vehicle: 7 Hits
ng Two-Wheeled Vehicle ===== {{:wiki:old:public: research:b2:b2_strip.jpg?700 }} ==== Description ==== {{:wiki:old:public: research:b2:b2_face.jpg?200}} Originally conceived within the [[http://www.cyberca... ol, and thus a true CyberCar. {{:wiki:old:public:research:b2:b2_back.jpg?200 }} The B2 is dynamically balan... text-align:center;"><tr><td></html> <php> player('research:b2:b2_video1.flv', 'research:b2:b2_video1.mpg');
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nt caor}} ====== Details ====== * Position : Researcher, Project Manager * Coordinator of the LIMA research project. National Research Agency Grant #2011 RMNP 01401. * Member of ... tual Reality Association ( * Research Partner in several research projects : [[AGATHE h... / Mines ParisTech Chair. * In charge of direct research contracts with industries on the the topic of Vir
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= LaRAcom ====== [[:imara|IMARA Home]] | [[:imara:research|IMARA Research]] | [[:imara:research:communicatio... |Cooperative ITS Communications]] LaRAcom is a research group in charge of designing and validating compo... sTech), IMARA (INRIA) and LIVIC (IFSTTAR). ===== Research Work ===== * ITS station reference architecture... GeoNet Project -- home page]] {{indexmenu>imara:research:communications:#1|js#bj_ubuntu.png navbar max#3#2
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"width:100%"><tr><td><center></html> <php>player('research:praxicar:praxicar_platooning_video.flv', 'research:praxicar:praxicar_platooning_video.mpg');</php> Electronic Tow-bar for Praxitele (INRI... ml></center></td><td><center></html> <php>player('research:praxicar:praxicar_parking_video.flv', 'research:praxicar:praxicar_parking_video.mpg');</php> Automatic parking of vehicles (INRIA)\\ June
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s ParisTech]] and is collaborating and working in research themes that apply to the concept of [[:lara]]. T... is involved in education, fundamental and applied research. Lessons are given to future engineers of Mines P... ech, to master students and some other trainings. Research is twofold: through industrial and public contracts, researchers develop new concepts, tools or algorithms that are deployed in real systems with a f
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oject, a large integrated project co-funded by DG RESEARCH of the European Commission, organized in La Roche... ting in early 2011. Beyond mobility and technical research aspects, the setup process of this demonstration ... ethodology applied to select the cities where the research activities will be conducted. Finally, we present... ocquencourt - INRIA}, booktitle = {{Transport Research Arena Europe 2008}}, address = {Ljubljana, Sl
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Japan on IPv6) * GeoNet technical leader ===== Research Areas ===== * IPv6 Mobility (Mobile IPv6, NEMO,... , particularly in the « Network Mobility » (NEMO) research topic he launched. During his 4-year long non-tenure researcher position at Keio University (InternetCar team within Jun Murai Laboratory), Japan, he... O and MonAmi6 working groups within the IETF. His research work on IPv6 mobility has then led him to focus o
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