Système COopératif Routier Expérimental Français

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Projet description

SCORE@F (Système COopératif Routier Expérimental Français, un système de communications pour des routes et des infrastructures intelligentes – France) is a French Cooperative System FOT (FUI - French ministries funding, active from September 2010, duration 30 months) where ITS Station, IPv6, 802.11p and 2G/3G technologies are at the core. SCORE@F is mainly focusing on Road Safety and Traffic Efficiency Management taking into account the use cases which have been proposed by ETSI in its BSA (Basic Set of Applications). However, this project will also develop and demonstrate some comfort use cases such as cooperative navigation and Internet access for which an IPv6 ITS Station stack will be needed.

This project aims to develop a coordinated implementation of cooperative road systems in Europe. Although primarily focused on improving road safety, proposed solutions must allow a multiservice approach that ensures the profitability of the system. Cooperative road systems are based on local wireless communication systems that enable direct two-way communication between vehicles and road infrastructure units (V2I) and between vehicles (V2V). These communication systems use different means of communication such as:

  • General delivery of information (Broadcasting),
  • Geographic delivery of information (Geocasting, transmission by zones),
  • Two-way point-to-point communication via a local ad hoc network set up to identify vehicles passing through a local area within direct range of communication systems.
  • Creation of mesh networks where the road infrastructure units, and the vehicles are interconnected to each other and to global networks.

Project details

Project Acronym: scoref
Start Date: September 2010
End Date:
Duration: 30 months
Project Status: In execution
Project Cost:
Project Funding:
Project Source:


Partners N° Partners name Partners short name Country
1 (coord.)



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IMARA's contribution

The role of IMARA is to provide the IPv6 communication capabilities and to help in the project administration.

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