Personal Intelligent City Accessible Vehicle System

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Projet description

The proposal presents a new mobility concept for passengers ensuring accessibility for all in urban pedestrian environments. The transport system will ensure accessibility for everybody and some of its features are specifically designed for people whose mobility is restricted for different reasons, particularly (but not only) elderly and disabled people.

Ergonomics, comfort, stability, assisted driving, eco-sustainability, parking and mobility dexterity as well as vehicle/infrastructures intelligent networking are the main drivers of PICAV design.

The innovative electrical vehicle will present new frame-suspension structure, new seating sub-assembly, new efficient power supply module. The PICAV transport system will provide an efficient and rational service to citizen within urban traffic restricted areas: the application fields of PICAV are outdoor pedestrian environments where usual public transport services cannot operate because of the width and slope of the infrastructures, uneven pavements and the interactions with high pedestrian flows.

This transport system is on-demand and it is based on the car-sharing concept.

To overcome the barriers of traditional car-sharing systems, the following specific services will be provided: instant access, open-ended reservation, one-way trips.

The single units are networked and can communicate each other, with city infrastructure, public transport on the surrounding area and emergency services allowing high level of intermodal integration.

A complete presentation is here (restricted)

PICAV conceptual design

Project details

Project Acronym: PICAV
Start Date: 2009-08-01
End Date: 2012-07-31
Duration: 36 months
Project Status: In execution
Project Cost: 3.94 million euro
Project Funding: 2.78 million euro


Partners N° Partners name Partners short name Country
1 (coord.) DIMEC - University of Genova DIMEC Italy
3 University College London UCL United Kingdom
4 University of Pisa UNIPI Italy
5 Serviços Municipalizados de Transportes Colectivos do Barreiro TCB Portugal
6 ZTS VVÚ KOŠICE a.s. ZTS Slovakia
7 Mazel Ingenieros, S. A. MAZEL Spain


Control and Communication requirements and architecture, Control algorithm, HMI.

People involved

LaRA members involved


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