Project description

The INTERSAFE-2 project aims to develop and demonstrate a Cooperative Intersection Safety System (CISS) that is able to significantly reduce injury and fatal accidents at intersections.

The novel CISS combines warning and intervention functions demonstrated on three vehicles: two passenger cars and one heavy goods vehicle. Furthermore, a simulator is used for additional R&D. These functions are based on novel cooperative scenario interpretation and risk assessment algorithms.

The cooperative sensor data fusion is based on:

  • state-of-the-art and advanced on-board sensors for object recognition and relative localisation,
  • a standard navigation map

and information supplied over a communication link from

  • other road users via V2V if the other vehicle is so equipped
  • infrastructure sensors and traffic lights via V2I if the infrastructure is so equipped

to observe the complex intersection environment.

As a result, the deployment of the INTERSAFE-2 system could provide a positive safety impact of 80% with respect to injuries and fatal accidents at intersections. Thus a total safety benefit of up to 40% of all injury accidents and up to 20% of all fatalities in Europe is possible.

The utilization of V2X communication for CISS at a small number of equipped intersections would boost the overall market penetration of communication in vehicles, since the benefit for those who buy first could be experienced at every equipped intersection.


Project details

Project Acronym: INTERSAFE-2
Start Date: June 2008
End Date: May 2011
Duration: 36 months
Project Status: Finished
Project Budget: 6.5M€
Project Funding: 3.9M€
Project Source: FP7
Project Coordinator: IBEO/SICK


Partner N° Partner name Partner short name Country
1 (coord.) SICK AG SICK Germany
2 BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH BMW Germany
3 Institut für Kraftfahrwesen Aachen IKA Germany
4 Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique INRIA France
5 NEC Europe Ltd. Network Laboratories Germany
6 Signalbau Huber Germany
7 TRW Ltd trading as Conekt TRW UK
8 Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Romania
9 Volvo Technology VTEC Sweden
10 VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT Finland
11 Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft VW Germany


LaRA members involved

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People involved

Related research topics

  • Trajectory prediction
  • Risk assessment
  • Traffic light prediction algorithm

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