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The CVIS project aims to design, develop and test the technologies needed to allow cars to communicate and network directly with the roadside infrastructure.

With CVIS, drivers can influence the traffic control system directly and get individual guidance with the quickest route to their destination. Speed limits and other road sign information, as well as warnings of approaching emergency vehicles and similar urgent messages will be sent wirelessly to the vehicle and displayed to the driver.

To validate the project’s results, CVIS technologies and applications will be tested at one or more test sites in seven European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands/Belgium, Sweden and the UK.


  • Create a standardised in-vehicle and roadside module capable of connecting continuously and seamlessly using a wide range of communication media, including mobile cellular and wireless local area networks, short-range microwave (DSRC) or infrared.
  • Develop techniques for enhanced vehicle positioning and improved local dynamic maps, using satellite navigation and the latest methods for location referencing.
  • Define and test new systems for cooperative traffic and network monitoring for use both in vehicle and roadside equipment, to detect incidents instantly and anywhere.
  • Develop architecture, software and hardware prototypes for a number of example cooperative applications and services for urban and interurban traffic management, as well as freight and fleet management.
  • Create guidelines and tools addressing key non-technical challenges to deployment such as user acceptance, data privacy and security, system openness and interoperability, risk and liability, public policy needs, cost/benefit and business models, and roll-out plans for implementation

Duration and Funding February 2006 - January 2010, funding through the EC Directorate General Information Society and Media

Consortium Coordinator: ERTICO - ITS Europe


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