CityMobil SP3 - Meeting 19/02/2007

Lead → Fiat (CRF) responsible : Renato Librino


  • Progess at task level
  • Agreement on M13-M10 plan
  • Mettre en place les besoins de coordinations
  • Identification ders points durs

Minutes of 2nd SP3 meeting

What remains in the TODO list:

  • Finalization of the final project draft.
  • Coordination activity for WP 3.3 and 3.4 ! ← ça c'est pour moi
  • Discuss about mailing list : no “SP3”-dedicated list. Anyway, I should add myself to this list.

Echeances :

  • WP3.3 : analysis of need → mid 2007 ; assessment of technologies → mid 2008
  • WP3.4 : specs of guidance → mid 2007 ; analysis of CTS throughput → mid 2007 ; platooning demo → mid 2007 to mid 2008 ; off-tracking management → mid 2008

Demo Heathrow + Castellon n'ont pas besoin d'un gros input technologique. Par contre, Heathrow → des contributions qui peuvent être intéressantes sur WP3.3

Interaction avec les autres SP

SP3 → Feed-forward phase ← SP1 (general requirements from cities) + SP2 (directions in which urban transport is going ; legal aspects) + SP4 (services, fleet management strategies, interactions with existing infrastructures)

Michel says “SP3” is before of “state of the art” + “demonstration of technologies”. Frog says : we want to developp too (ie data fusion, obstacle avoidance)

SP3 → Feed-back phase, after demo + show-case ← SP1 (results of demos + showcases)



Task 3.1.2 Design


  • Vehichle requirement : INRIA, Robosoft
  • Vehicle concept : INRIA, Robosoft
  • Vehicle subsystems : INRIA, Robosoft
  • Interface & Control (with DLR) ← c'est pour moi ça : contact à prendre avec DLR
  • Safety + HW/SW interface → Robosoft
  • Coginitive design architecture (mainly for advanced/dual mode cars → DLR. Voir ce qui est interessant concernant les Cybercars)
  • Cooperative control → CRF, IKA, INRIA, DLR

Advanced/dual mode cars Ca ne nous concerne pas. Surtout CRF/IKA pour le design & concept.


Delivrable for october. A fournir : moving vehicles + State of the art obstacle detection.

3.3.2 → technology assessement. Already started by Frog…


Delivrable : Specs of guidance ; specs of communication ; tech demo : platooning Robosoft, Frog is involved in platooning ; CRF with dual mode vehicle ; WP1 does already “cooperative control” ← how to merge the both ? or to make the both work together ? Learn about Frog communication technlogies ← c'est pour moi ça.

Fiat develops 3 new vehicles to do platooning. They're asking for dedicated software. It mainly depends on installed hardware.

Off-tracking management : Robosoft leads it. But don't know who is involved. Frog asks : what's that ? → to be able to reproduce a precise path. → Cooperation Robosoft/INRIA.


General coordination

Arnaud: need of a paper describing what we want to propose to cities, including technical aspects.

Next meeting: coupled with another meeting 18-19-20 April, in Valencia


Mailing list → CRF Agenda of April meeting in Valencia Invitation to June meeting in Orbassano Minutes of meeting Structure of delivrable 3.1.2 → All (before 20 March 2007) Feedback on delivrable 3.1.1 → CRF (before 28 feb) Inputs for M13-M30 DoW → Robosoft, INRIA (20 feb) Inputs for delivrables 3.3.1, 3.4.1, 3.4.2 → All (18 apr)

Technical part


Electrical Panda hardware

  • Image processing (stereo vision) + recording system.
  • Long range radar
  • Short range radar
  • Short range laser
  • Telematic unit (GSM/GPRS + Wifi + GPS)
  • Uses Panda's standard CAN bus
  • Dynamics sensors (including lateral acceleration)
  • They do line detection + markers

CRF didn't choose yet their cameras. Frog tries currently MobiLine Fisheye (2 lenses on one processor)

Hamada nous fait un petit speech sur la QoS, et fait de la pub pour l'IPv6. Hamada est parti, qui pourra l'arrêter ? …apparement personne…

Vehicle architecture (diagramme à reconstruire)

Cars, traffic light, central control → Communication→Navigation System → Trajectory planning → Anti collision → Vehicle control

Camera, Radar, Laser → Track/car-position detection → Trajectory planning, Naviation system

Mission speed profiles (databases) → Trajectory planning

Navigation system ↔ HMI ↔ on-board commands outputs

Driver commands → Vehicle control

Presentation de ce qu'on fait à IMARA

TNO Smarts

  • 2 vehicle
  • platooning
  • Pas de vision
  • Wifi
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