CityMobil La Rochelle small demonstration

Following the success in the CityMobil showcase in La Rochelle, the city requested the CityMobil project a cybercars small demonstration (pilot).

Project description

The La Rochelle small demonstration has the objective to demonstrate an on demand urban transport system based on cybercars running in a undedicated urban environment for a period of time bigger than 6 months.

The demonstration consisting of cybercars will run in the area indicated in the following map:

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Project details

Project Acronym: La Rochelle small demonstration
Start Date:
End Date:
Duration: 3+3 months (under discussion)
Project Status: In execution
Project Cost:
Project Funding: 75K€
Project Source:


CityMobil partners

Partners N° Partners name Partners short name Country
1 Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique INRIA* France
2 TNO TNO* Netherlands
3 CTL CTL* Italy

Local partners

Partners N° Partners name Partners short name
1 City of La Rochelle VLR
2 La Rochelle Urban Community CdA
4 ProxyWay ProxyWay



Version 1 demonstration

Version 2 demonstration extension

Demonstration extension (V2) developments

LaRA members involved

People involved

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