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Citymobil is a major research, development and demonstration project. It addresses the integration of automated transport systems in the urban environment, based on real-life implementations of automated transport systems in 3 sites: Semi-automated buses in Castellon (Spain), PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) in Heathrow (UK) and cybercars in Rome (Italy).


Citymobil will achieve a more effective organisation of urban transport. This will result in a more rational use of motorised traffic resulting in:

  • less congestion and pollution;
  • safer driving;
  • higher quality of living;
  • enhanced integration with spatial development.


The project is funded through the European Commission's 6th Framework Program.

Project Coordinator


  • Start date: May 1st 2006
  • End date: April 30 2011 (+ 8 months extension under discussion)


  • Total budget: >40M€
  • European Commission's grant (6FP) : 11M€


IMARA's contribution

Sub-project 1: Demonstrations

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WP.1.7 La Rochelle Small Demonstration

WP.3 Vehicles and Technological issues

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