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First things to do on a new 4G Cube: 17 Hits
802.11b_card.jpg?320 |Default 802.11b 4G card.}} One should check that this card is on the **lower** c... If another card has to be connected, the default one **is left untouched** and the new one is connecte... 20 |The default WiFi card plus another additional one.}} ==== Labels ==== At least 2 labels are needed... ocedures:cube_label_ath0.jpg?320|... and the ath0 one.}} ===== Software setup ===== The Cubes run N
Cycab videos: 14 Hits
oning has been demonstrated on electric cars with one single driver. In 1997, a new vehicle called the ... mall electric vehicles specifically designed for zones with limited access to regular automobiles : ... ss {{:wiki:old:public: research:cycab:cycab_components.png }} 1. CCD camera for remote control \\ 2. ... collision avoidance \\ 7. Steering actuator \\ 8. One electric drive motor per wheel \\ 9. One electric
GForge SVN: 12 Hits
able to login with read/write access to the SCM, one has to use SSH, with an asymetric (public/private... s means some configuration steps have to be undergone. An SSH keypair has to be generated for use when... KCRG0Q== mehani@vision Please note that this is **one single line**. This is done, after logging in to... f the page where you've just been redirected that one and only one key is detected. If the interface l
Building and packaging a mipsel-linux cross-compilation toolchain: 7 Hits
the target using the freshly built ''binutils'', one may enconter the following error message: <code> ... st's ''binutils'' instead of the ''mipsel-linux'' ones. A simple solution is to check the proper instal... e same layout. After unpacking the glibc sources, one must remember, as the target is a Linux host, to ... ode> linux-2.4.27$ make ARCH=mips config </code> One can then start the building process. <code> glibc
About Imara: 5 Hits
oordination and the transfer of all the research done at INRIA which can be applied to the the various ... lar young adults. Although safety has improved by one order of magnitude in the last decades through be... reductions in the consumption of fossil fuels is one of the challenges of the next twenty years. Objec... ticularly in mountain areas. Besides air quality, one has also to mention soil pollution with large amo
Travesti: 4 Hits
complementary points of view: * In the first one, developed in METROPOLIS, individual agents are users of the network, each one trying to minimize a utility function, typically generalized travel co... produce realistic situations. * In the second one, the elementary units are the road sections, considered at successive discrete times, and one wants to take advantage of statistical correlations bet
Research: 4 Hits
xternal sensors which information is fused within one data fusion unit. The different sensor processing... e information raised by the sensors. For example, one can imagine a steering system that acts not only ... etter use of existing infrastructure and vehicles One of the great challenge of automobile industry and... c congestion, parking...). Research is currently done on regulation methods such as passage toll, car p
CiteULike Tutorial: 4 Hits
s enough details to allow the use of CiteULike as one's main bibliography system. The following docum... oup ===== From the //MyCiteULike// menu (**1**), one can access the list of groups (**2**). {{ :docume... ng for the LaRA group}} Hopefully, there is only one group by that name. The user can see the publicat... od idea to fill in (**4**) before validating with one of the "Post Article" buttons. {{ :documentation
Plugins Syntax: 4 Hits
singular words// as tags. Making a tag could is done by inserting command ~~TAGCLOUD~~ ~~TAGCLOUD~~ ... nk to a file or list of files matching a pattern, one can use {{filename>:namespace:path:pattern}} F... lery of all images in a namespace (i.e. forlder), one can use the following syntax. {{gallery>:path:t... entified by their wiki login can vote only choose one option. <doodle single login|Example> ^ :?: ^
A New Benchmark for the Energy-Constrained Fastest Path with Waypoints (EFP+W) Problem: 4 Hits
le travel duration while satisfying the aforementioned constraints. {{:caor:benchmarks:graph.png|}} A... ontains a set of missions data XML files. A first one is available on may 2011. Please see last [[bench... and a PNG file showing the graph representation. One may download the benchmark data below. If program... ters and time variables are expressed in seconds. One may be free to implement sharper precision, by us
Formatting Syntax: 3 Hits
ink points to google]]. Email addresses like this one: <> are recognized, too. Do... k points to google]]. Email addresses like this one: <> are recognized, too. ====... ng pages]] are shown in a different style from [[nonexisting]] ones. * DokuWiki does not use [[wp>Cam... net Explorer per default (and only in the "local zone"). * For Mozilla and Firefox it can be enabled
How to Upload Files: 3 Hits
deos,...) to the pages of this wiki. This can be done as follow: Edit the wiki page as usual (either u... anged with the folder tree) or in a newly created one by specifying the namespace part and the name in ... the file to upload is //relative// to the current one. For example, to upload the file as '':users:oliv... .jpg'' while already in the '':users'' namespace, one would upload the file as ''oliviermehani:olivierm
Fylvestre: 3 Hits
uick monitoring of ''fylvestre'''s vitals can be done using [[|phpS... word. This is a **private** space. Most notably, one can find [[\\\software|software... n the previous link, this script is **risky**, so one has better keep backup of the ''/etc/passwd'' fil...> (see [[mailinglists]]). This is quickly done in ''/etc/aliases'' (and the needed call to ''new
Traffic Lights Recognition (TLR) public benchmarks: 3 Hits
trictly labeled "ambiguous" only if they validate one of the following conditions:\\ * **Reflection d... The small and lower traffic lights under the big one are ignored. The latter are specific to France (f... he "recognition result file" should be written in one of the following formats: CVML, VIPER, or GT. It
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