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Building and packaging a mipsel-linux cross-compilation toolchain: 18 Hits
le, as this only means that the ''binutils'' have not been correctly installed (or the autotools haven'... ild gcc out of the original source tree (//i.e.// not even in a subdirectory of the source tree as it i... uild$ make glibc-build$ sudo make install </code> Note that the ''--build'' and ''--host'' tags have to... ecified instead of the ''--target'' one, which is not relevant. Also note that the prefix is ''/usr/mip
indexmenu: 11 Hits
required with related options.// ^Main ^Action ^Note| ^ //''ns''// | //**Main namespace**// name.... of the page containing the indexmenu syntax and **not** to the current DokuWiki namespace context ((the... at which level the tree has to be open.| If it's not defined then all namespaces are open, if ''//0//'... es#creating namespaces|namespaces]].| If **n** is not defined then all namespaces are open, if ''//0//'
Fylvestre: 11 Hits
and password. This is a **private** space. Most notably, one can find [[\\\software... :!: When files are on AFS (''/afs''), they MUST NOT be served by Fylvestre, but rather directly by In... details. In the following example, the user does not have read/write access to his files before gettin... on denied mehani@fylvestre:~$ touch arf touch: cannot touch `arf': Permission denied mehani@fylvestre:~
Traffic Lights Recognition (TLR) public benchmarks: 9 Hits|ACM]])\\ //Please note these publications do not describe the current s... == During the labeling process our human operator noticed several ambiguous regions for which they had ... t was a real traffic light (with circle light) or not. We thus decided to simply **ignored these ambigu... ich seems to be a traffic light * **Light shape not valid**. The light of the traffic light appears c
About Imara: 8 Hits
n ===== It is well known that road transport is not safe. This mode kills hundreds of thousands of pe... ies and practices, the goals set by the states cannot be met. ===== Minimize pollutions and nuisance... a large percentage of the population. Citizen are not yet ready to change their habits on a voluntary b... fficient way of satisfying transportation needs. Another approach is to try to influence the needs in o
Formatting Syntax: 7 Hits
f line. This is some text with some linebreaks\\ Note that the two backslashes are only recognized at ... t it. This is some text with some linebreaks\\ Note that the two backslashes are only recognized a... o lowercase automatically, special characters are not allowed. You can use [[some:namespaces]] by usin... This links to [[syntax#internal|this Section]]. Notes: * Links to [[syntax|existing pages]] are sh
Developments: 7 Hits
serSlam | LIDAR based SLAM | Jianping Xie | YES | Not used | | Perception | FusionPosition | GPS, odometry and gyro data fusion | Laurent Bouraoui | Not used | YES | | Perception | ObstaclesDetectionLase... nstellation detected in-site making this scenario not possible to perform. Implementations and compone... #3 ^ | Communications | ScopeCurl | | EPITECH | Not used | | Control | Controller | Simple path follo
CiteULike Tutorial: 5 Hits
===== CiteULike Tutorial ====== Or at least, but not limited to, "collaboratively building LaRA's list... ts were taken. The main concepts, however, should not have changed and the interface elements should be... [[|reCAPTCHA]] (**2**) must not be forgotten beofre signing up (**3**). {{ :docu... 0 |Accessing the list of groups.}} A new user is not initially member of any group. The next screen th
First things to do on a new 4G Cube: 5 Hits
.}} <html> <br style="clear:both" /> </html> If another card has to be connected, the default one **is... be_two_cards.jpg?320 |The default WiFi card plus another additional one.}} ==== Labels ==== At least 2... appropriate) to connect to the cube. It is worth noting that there is absolutely no need to be on a de... he same configuration IP, one should take care of not plugging more than one Cube at a time on the ethe
Internship: 5 Hits
erformance matter, MBGP can be used also); PIM is not really a multicast routing protocol because it us... ormance tools | OK | | 22/07 | 28/07 | === Not yet achieved tasks === ^ Task^ Description ^ Pro... nd receivers. This is because such a mechanism is not integrated to neither MLD nor PIM. First, we will... P (Session Annoucement Protocol) is also used but not used as much now | | | ^ Comparison between 2
IPv6 for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (Cooperative ITS): 4 Hits
ase): FP6 European Project ==== IETF Documents (not complete) ==== Here is a list of document on IPv6... ns for IPv6 (MEXT) charter]] ==== ISO Documents (not complete) ==== * [[|ISO TC204... cal, but as this is a technical topic that should not scare you away from them [as stated on the IETF I... 's IPv6 sensor (temperature and humidity)]] (Data not always available as the sensor is located behind
Wiki Introduction and Guidelines: 4 Hits
es as placeholders for spaces (e.g. ''pagename'', not <del>''page-name''</del> or <del>''page_name''</d... b), partners (group ''partner''), others (public, not logged in, ''ALL'') ===== Namespace Structure ==... s? ===== * Where was I unclear? * What did I not cover? Remember: //The Wiki is a collaborative effort not to lose our expertise. Every newcomer should be [[:documentation:newuser#wiki_setup|told a
Cycab videos: 4 Hits
ody is able to drive this vehicle because it does not require specific skills from the driver. The fing... " is a French word meaning an efficient matching. Note that it is different from the English word "adeq... ponents. On the contrary, if the application does not meet the constraints, he must redesign his algori... larity allowing a better distribution. If this is not sufficient, he may add new components or use fast
oliviermehani: 4 Hits
of our framework. We show that this library does not significantly impact the performance of the ins... al Processing", month = September, note = "Article ID 656407, Special Issue on Vehicu... context of mobile and pervasive networking, it is not uncommon to experience frequent loss of connectiv... {Springer-Verlag Berlin}, series = {Lecture Notes in Computer Science}, title = {Trajectory
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IPv6 sensors: 3 Hits
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Using AFS: 2 Hits
GeoNet: 2 Hits
gallery: 2 Hits
PICAV: 2 Hits
4G Cube: 2 Hits
Research: 2 Hits
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