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First things to do on a new 4G Cube: 11 Hits
====== First things to do on a new 4G Cube ====== Hey! We just received a new [[imara:platforms:hardwa... ed, the default one **is left untouched** and the new one is connected on the free slot and antenna con... = Labels ==== At least 2 labels are needed on the new Cube: its two interfaces' (ethernet and 802.11) n... rst login ==== It is really possible thay a brand new cube won't be directly accessible through the mes
oliviermehani: 9 Hits
l as a significantly improved adaptation to the newly available network conditions. When used with th... , school = {Mines ParisTech / University of New South Wales}, title = {Contributions to Mec... ltaneous usage of NEMO and MANET.", address = "New York, NY, USA", author = "Tsukada, Manabu and... o the capacity available in the new network. We argue Freeze-DCCP is well suited for
About Imara: 9 Hits
es Offer a more pleasant living environment Offer new transportation means available to more people Th... part ot the consortium "La Route Automatisée." A new laboratory (the [[ ) and Yamaha Europe (NL) to develop and test this new generation of vehicles. INRIA will become a majo... carbons going to the sewage system in big cities. New highway infrastructures, in particular in urban s
New visual features and algorithms for real-time camera-based objects detection and recognition in driving environments: 9 Hits
====== New visual features and algorithms for real-time camera-based objects detection and recognition ... iggs2005]. Therefore, it is necessary to research new ideas for designing visual feature and feature di... AS. For instance, MSP lab has recently invented a new feature type, called “moment-based Haar-like feat... improve the performance of object detection. The new feature has been successfully applied to Blind Sp
Research: 8 Hits
ical transfer to speed up the introduction of the new technologies through active cooperation with indu... stereo-vision, in relation with MIT and ENSMP. A new approach using an evolutionary approach has been ... ong term and solutions for the integration of the new techniques into the real world. Since the problem... example a by-pass in Paris area. ==== Designing new infrastructure ==== With new infrastructures, th
Old LaRA wiki: 6 Hits
up, it's been replaced and is gone. This is the new LaRA wiki (as you may have guessed). All the page... ng bookmarks) will seamlessly redirect you to the new location. This is just a transition mechanism wh... ore and more pages are updated and moved into the new tree. Please consider [[moveredirect|moving any p... ion]] and, more specifically the [[:documentation:newuser]]. Please feel free to report anything that
BibTeX references related to crossroads scheduling: 6 Hits
19.361224}, publisher = {ACM Press}, address = {New York, NY, USA}, } @article{359101, author = {Daniel Br\&\#233;laz}, title = {New methods to color the vertices of a graph}, journal = {Commun. AC... 94.359101}, publisher = {ACM Press}, address = {New York, NY, USA}, } @misc{ dechter99bucket, auth... faction algorithms [5]. We present here new algorithms for arc and path consistency
CATS: 6 Hits
is the final development and experimentation of a new urban transport service based on a new generation... ges: individual use or collective transport. This new transport service is aimed at filling the gap bet... stations) called Cristal. The final aim of this new service is a more efficient mobility in cities th... clean vehicles and mass transport. This inclusive new transport system is well adapted to the needs of
Move a Wiki Page and Add a Redirection: 5 Hits
sit some pages which have not been moved into the new file tree. Please consider moving it yourself. It... n_move.png?300|Selecting the move option}} | The new destination can then be chosen from the namespace... direct:wiki_admin_move_do.png?600 |Selecting the new namespace}} And that's it, the page has been moved to its new location! ===== Add a Redirection ===== :!: The redirection is now added automatical
PICAV: 5 Hits
a European FP-7 project which aims at designing a new personal vehicle able to demonstrate a new mobili... ity for all in urban pedestrian environments. The new transport system integrates a fleet of PICAV unit... etworking:**__ the fleet of PICAV will provide a new transport mode which is fully integrated with the... nmental scenarios as well as the influence of the new transport system on the pedestrian flows and on t
arnauddelafortelle: 5 Hits
}avid and {S}teux, {B}runo}, title = {PUVAME -- New French Approach for Vulnerable Road Users Safety}... orative navigation solutions}, journal = {ERCIM News}, year = {2006}, volume = {68}, pages = {3... timestamp = {2013.03.07}, url = { s for Traffic Reconstruction}, journal = {ERCIM News}, year = {2007}, volume = {67}, pages = {3
Cycab videos: 5 Hits
f INRIA and INRETS are working since 1991 on this new intelligent transportation system for the cities ... electric cars with one single driver. In 1997, a new vehicle called the CyCab, designed specifically f... c: research:cycab:city_of_tomorrow.png?250}} This new public transportation system is based on a fleet ... ries and electronic management \\ It offers two new functionalities, aided driving and autonomous dri
CiteULike Tutorial: 4 Hits
offering the possibility to log in or to create a new account (step **1** in the following figure). {{ ... ation:citeulike:3_login.png?480 |Logging into the newly-created CiteULike}} The user gets redirected t... group.png?480 |Accessing the list of groups.}} A new user is not initially member of any group. The ne... :citeulike:a_group.png?480 |}} ===== Importing a New Publication ===== The option to import a new pub
PICAV: 4 Hits
Projet description ===== The proposal presents a new mobility concept for passengers ensuring accessib... The innovative electrical vehicle will present new frame-suspension structure, new seating sub-assembly, new efficient power supply module. The PICAV transport system will provide an efficient and rat
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