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First things to do on a new 4G Cube: 35 Hits
e Cube using ''scp''. <code> $ sudo ifconfig eth0:lara $ ping -c 1 PING 192.16... gins/scmsvn/viewcvs.php/*checkout*/cubes/packages/lara-conf/|bootstrap script]] is available in the ''lara-conf'' package and repository. This should be... .168.0.25 Password: root@mtx-1:~# ./ LaRA Mobile Router system bootstrap (c) 2007 Inria, Ol
Traffic Lights Recognition (TLR) public benchmarks: 20 Hits
_9599.jpg?150}} {{}} ==== Download... B, 8bits)** * [[|Download JPEG single... zip, 468MB) * [[|Download MPEG2 seq... mpg, 208MB) * [[|Download JSEQ seque
Philippe ZHANG: 19 Hits
vail ===== ==Administration de la plateforme IPv6 LaRA== * Installation, configuration, administration... t déploiement d'un testbed IPv6 sur la plateforme LaRA C3 * Definition of the IPv6 address plan and al... do later) ==Test et validation des applications LaRA sur la plateforme IPv6 == * Intégration, valida... ns qui utilisent des COMM, développées au sein de LaRA ==Support aux expérimentations IPv6 (Participati
CiteULike Tutorial: 12 Hits
st, but not limited to, "collaboratively building LaRA's list of publications". [[http://www.citeulike.... p/11248/library|(hopefully comprehensive) list of LaRA's scientific output]], we propose LaRA authors us... es for their publications, and submit them to the LaRA group. The following is a quick startup guide for... 80 |CiteULike main library}} ===== Accessing the LaRA Group ===== From the //MyCiteULike// menu (**1**
LaRA - La Route Automatisée: 11 Hits
~~NOTOC~~ ====== LaRA - La Route Automatisée ====== {{ :lara:intro_lara.swf?550|Some of LaRA's work. Unfortunately, you need Flash to see it. }} LaRA, standing for //La Route Automatisée// (the Automated... s concerning the future of road transport. ===== LaRA - Member labs ===== {{topic>LaRAMember -template&list&nodate&nouser}} ===== LaRA - Groups ===== The research work conducted within LaRA is organize
Communications for Cooperative ITS: 10 Hits
mmunications is performed within the [[ | LaRAcom group]]. ===== ... ce Discovery ===== People involved ===== {{topic>lara-com +current +people&list&nodate&nouser}} ===== Related projects (current) ===== {{topic>lara-com +current +contract&list&nodate&nouser}} ===== Related projects (past) ===== {{topic>lara-com -current +contract&list&nodate&nouser}} ===== Links ===
Thierry ERNST: 10 Hits
er: {{ :users:201001 - LaRA - Thierry Ernst & C3 - 6.jpg?150|Thierry Ernst}} ... tive ITS manager at Mines ParisTech * Leader of LaRAcom activities within IMARA/LaRA * Coordinator o... [|ITSSv6 project]] * Within LaRA, in charge of projects SANDRA, SCOREF, ITSSv6 *... k Force France)]] * IPv6 contact point at IMARA/LaRA * Member of the French delegation in ISO TC204
Fylvestre: 10 Hits
so available as '''', as well as '''' and ''''. This may ... ache2).... </code> === IPv6 Redirections for the LaRA websites === :!: **DEPRECATION WARNING** :!: Fyl... pose. **It is now [[imara:research:communications:lara-com:architecture:ipv6testbed:firewallrouter#research/communications/lara-com/architecture/ipv6testbed/firewallrouter#ipv6_redirector|gw.imara.inria.f
Research: 9 Hits
====== Research ====== The LARA team research subject cover all the technical elements which can lead t... work consists in technological developments, the LARA team is also focused on demonstration activities ... Since INRIA is very involved in image processing, LARA emphasizes the vision technique, particularly ste... al-world, rather than the subject vehicle. Since LARA aims at integrating different techniques into rea
Mailing lists: 9 Hits> * [[|Liste de la JRU LaRA]] Seuls les membres peuvent y écrire : <> * [[|Liste about V2V and V2I communication]] Ecrire : <]] * [[|Liste du groupe thématique perception dans LaRA]] Ecrire : <
Wiki Introduction and Guidelines: 9 Hits
=== What is THIS Wiki? ===== * The [[|LaRA]] wiki, * A **central point** of research labs members of [[:lara]] * **public** presentation to the outside world (see [[:caor|Cao... rs:oliviermehani:2008phd|alone]] and/or [[:groups:lara-com:meetings|in group]], * Using [[acl|ACLs]], ... content: [[:groups:hardware:simcards]], [[:groups:lara-com]], [[:contracts:haveit]] * One namespace pe
TODO List for New Users: 8 Hits
t for New Users ====== Welcome, new user of the LaRA wiki. This quick howto will guide you through the... king on "//Update Profile//" at the bottom of any LaRA wiki page. You can now create your own user page... visable to complete the list with the name of the LaRA labs you are involved with, as well as that of yo... ing|available here]]. ===== Mailing Lists ===== LaRA uses several [[mailinglists]] to communicate and
oliviermehani: 8 Hits
evaluation, flowdistribution, imara, inria, ipv6, lara, mcoa, minesparistech, minizinc, mipv6, mobility,... ology", keywords = "80211, experiment, imara, lara, multihop, oliviermehani, vanet", month = "Se... 5}, keywords = {2009, ad-hoc, imara, inria, lara, mesh, minesparistech, networkedsystems, nicta, o... adaptive, context, imara, inria, ipv6, itst2009, lara, minesparistech, nemo, network, networkedsystems,
GForge SVN Projects: 8 Hits
itative list of gForge projects holding Imara- or LaRA-developed code. The goal is to ensure that no pos... ects ===== * [[|LaRA's bibliography]] in bibtex format; ... ng Syndex- and HIL-related projects; * [[|LaRA-com's GForge]], containi... G Cubes]]. * [[|LaraPerception]] RtMaps modules for p
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