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IPv6 for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (Cooperative ITS): 98 Hits
===== IPv6 for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (Cooperative ITS) ===== Welcome to the first s... the applicability of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) to Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-... bjective of this page is to gather information on IPv6 related to Cooperative ITS. ===== Events ===== ... -26)]] ===== Why the ITS world has to care about IPv6 ? ==== * EC ITS Directive (Aug.2010) * EC Man
Thierry ERNST: 31 Hits
of the [[|G6 association]] (IPv6 promotion and training in France) * Chair of th... [|IPv6 Promotion Working Group within G6 (formerly IPv6 Task Force France)]] * IPv6 contact point at IMARA/LaRA * Member of the French delegation in ISO... Nautilus6 WG Chair]](cooperation France-Japan on IPv6) * GeoNet technical leader ===== Research Area
Philippe ZHANG: 18 Hits
e travail ===== ==Administration de la plateforme IPv6 LaRA== * Installation, configuration, administration, maintenance des HA, MR, MN du réseau IPv6 * Réalisation et déploiement d'un testbed IPv6 sur la plateforme LaRA C3 * Definition of the IPv6 address plan and allocation of préfixes per vehic... alidation des applications LaRA sur la plateforme IPv6 == * Intégration, validation RTMaps aux réseaux
Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems at the IETF: 15 Hits
-07-30 Meeting at IETF84 - Vancouver ====== * {{ipv6-its: ietf84-its-barbof-petrescu.pdf|ITS Bar BOF}}... ryuji/ietf84-its-barbof-petrescu.pptx|PPT]] * {{ipv6-its: ietf84-its-barbof-use_cases_georgios.pdf|ITS... 84-its-barbof-use_cases_georgios.pptx|PPT]] * {{ipv6-its: ietf84-its-Minutes-Vancouver.pdf|ITS Bar BOF... 2012-03-26 Meeting at IETF83 - Paris ====== * {{ipv6-its:ietf83-its-petrescu.pdf|ITS Informal Meeting}
IPv6 sensors: 12 Hits
====== IPv6 sensors ====== Current IPv6 prefix is <del>2001:660:f183:c001::/64 (mtx-130)</del> 2001:660:... 3:3::/64. There is a [[|demo page]]. Unfortunately, these senso... wn after a while. ===== Prerequisites ===== ==== IPv6 enabled net-SNMP suite ==== *[[https://gforge.i... re/humidity) ===== * MAC: 00:02:CB:01:73:C7 * IPv6: PFX:202:cbff:fe01:73c7 Temperature: <code> meha
Internship: 12 Hits
ort{{:users:inesbenjemaa:rport-v1.1.pdf.gz|}} * IPv6 multicast testbed{{groups:lara-com:architecture:ipv6testbed:multicast}} === Tasks already achieved === ^ Task^ Description ^ Status ^ Problems/dif... ected date of resolution ^ ^ Familiarisation with IPv6 | Documentation about IPv6 & MIPv6; basic line to... nel source compilation problems solved | | | ^ IPv6 Multicast Documentation | Multicast addressing; M
arnauddelafortelle: 11 Hits
sides, we define a probing mechanism based on IPv6 messages and traffic load estimation at mobil... communication system based on NEMO and MANET in IPv6}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the ITS World Con... aud de La Fortelle and Thierry Ernst}, title = {IPv6 GeoNetworking for ITS: lessons of the GeoNet Proj... d, implemented and tested the combination of IPv6 and GeoNetworking into a single protocol archite
Open Position/Internship "Deployment of an IPv6 Security Platform": 8 Hits
====== Open Position/Internship "Deployment of an IPv6 Security Platform" ====== ===== Context of the ... or between the vehicle and the infrastructure. An IPv6 vehicular mobile router is in charge of maintaini... routing protocol is running between the vehicles. IPv6 is natively supported in all access networks. All... implementation of some necessary mechanisms, the IPv6 testbed is most likely going to also contain enti
GeoNet: 6 Hits]] * Objectives: combination of IPv6 and GeoNetworking into a single protocol stack ... e design, specification and implementation of the IPv6 modules, and experimentation on our fleet of vehi... addressing and routing protocol with support for IPv6 to be used to deliver safety messages between car... tenance of a constant access to the Internet over IPv6. * GeoNet shall bring the basic results from th
Ph.D Defense "Communications Management in Cooperative ITS" by Manabu Tsukada: 6 Hits
===== Key words ===== ITS Station Architecture, IPv6, GeoNetworking, Path Selection, Multihoming ====... hicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET), presumably though IPv6 GeoNetworking using IEEE802.11p and to connect se... fine a network module allowing the combination of IPv6 together with GeoNetworking. Second, we propose a... tion network and transport layer (which hosts our IPv6 GeoNetworking contribution) and the vertical ITS
Fylvestre: 5 Hits
g reload of web server (apache2).... </code> === IPv6 Redirections for the LaRA websites === :!: **DEP... ara:research:communications:lara-com:architecture:ipv6testbed:firewallrouter#research/communications/lara-com/architecture/ipv6testbed/firewallrouter#ipv6_redirector|]]** which serves thi... s DNS server for the names. :!: fylvestre is the IPv6 server for [[|the LaRA webs
ITSSv6: 5 Hits
ption ===== * Objective 1: Provide an optimized IPv6 implementation for the ITS station communication ... rking on mobility support extensions (NEMO, MNPP, IPv6 GeoNetworking, IPv6 security, IPv6 multihoming). ... ouser}} {{tag>itssv6 contract current imara lara ipv6 thierryernst lara-com caor thourayatoukabri manab
Open Position/Internship "Development of ITS application": 5 Hits
permanently connected to the Internet by means of IPv6 communications established over any communication... 3G). Applications will make use of the underlying IPv6 communications which ensures permanent or semi pe... tools (ifconfig/ip/iproute2/ip6tables/etc); * IPv6 multicasting; ---- ===== Administrative Details... [[:lara|LaRA]] joint-research unit. ---- {{tag>position current imara internship IPv6 lara-com 2011}}
LaRAcom: 4 Hits
===== * ITS station reference architecture * IPv6 * GeoNetworking * Multiple interface manageme... } ===== Links ===== * [[ | IPv6 for Cooperative ITS]] * [[http://www... ommunications:#1|js#bj_ubuntu.png navbar max#3#2}} {{tag>lara-com groups imara caor ipv6 thierryernst}}
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