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he design of a control system are sensors and the information we want to extract from them, either for driver a... are rather well integrated. Internal sensors give information on the host vehicle state, such as its velocity and steering angle information. The necessary information from external sensors (Laser, Radar, image ... g of a set of internal and external sensors which information is fused within one data fusion unit. The differe
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7}, series = {IFIP International Federation for Information Processing}, pages = {73-77}, note = {Present... e Time {M}arkov Chains}, journal = {Problems of Information Transmission}, year = {2002}, volume = {38}, ... for extracting, processing and interpreting trac information using GPS probe vehicle data.}, owner = {arnau... author = {de La Fortelle, Arnaud}, title = {L’information trafic et les modélisations de prédiction de traf
A New Benchmark for the Energy-Constrained Fastest Path with Waypoints (EFP+W) Problem: 10 Hits
t Path with Waypoints//**. Should you require any information about this page, please contact [[fr-lucas@hotmai... g/wiki/XSD|XSD (XML schema definition)]] for more information about these formats (Cf. [[http://en.wikipedia.or... g/wiki/XSD|XSD (XML schema definition)]] for more information about these formats. This test set is splitted i... g/wiki/XSD|XSD (XML schema definition)]] for more information about theese formats (Cf. [[http://en.wikipedia.o
Traffic Lights Recognition (TLR) public benchmarks: 9 Hits
(c) Read the [[:benchmarks#copyrights|copyrights information]] before any use. {{:users:raouldecharette:datab... acquisitions and then to replay the latter. More information are available on the [[|R... [[|more information]]// * [[ ion.** (COMING SOON)|more information]]// ==== Benchmarks ==== Here are listed the per
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e displaying properly. [[doku>plugin:jsmath|More information]]. ===== Tree of pages ===== {{indexmenu>:ca... js navbar max#3#2}} [[doku>plugin:indexmenu|More information]]. ===== Files lists ===== To display a link to ... =1&tableshowsize=1}} [[doku>plugin:filelist|More information]] ===== Galleries ===== To display a gallery of ... flv</flashplayer> [[doku>plugin:flashplayer|More information]]. ===== Google Calendar ===== The "email addres
First things to do on a new 4G Cube: 6 Hits
**Remember to add, and keep updated, the required information to the [[imara:platforms:hardware:communications:... network at Rocquencourt), update the repositories information, then pull and install all the updates for the di... itory, we create a new file, with the appropriate information. <code> # cat > /etc/ipkg/imara-feed.conf << EOF ... ( as an IPv4 uplink and DNS server. For information about the IP address to attribute to the Cube (us
IPv6 for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (Cooperative ITS): 6 Hits
(C-ITS)! The objective of this page is to gather information on IPv6 related to Cooperative ITS. ===== Event... mv|Streaming vidéo]] * [[|A... m in Europe by 2010]] * [[ illes, France) * 2008-11: [[|The Net
Ph.D Defense "Communications Management in Cooperative ITS" by Manabu Tsukada: 4 Hits
ntral control centers and other entities exchange information in order to achieve better road safety, traffic e... y and comfort of the road users. This exchange of information must rely on a common communication architecture.... communication path. This requires first to gather information available locally at the ITS station (position, s... ion, speed, services, …) and then to process this information through a decision-making algorithm. First, we d
CiteULike Tutorial: 4 Hits
use the group-specific menu (**1**) to access the information of the group (**2**). {{ :documentation:citeulike:9_group.png?480 | Getting information about the LaRA group}} From the information page, it's possi... system, it is possible to add more classification information to it. Tags (**1**) are particularly useful for d
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ormance results have been geolocated using GPSinformation. Second, by switching from NEMO to MANET, rou... ccount both stack-related and external contextual information such as GPS localization or signaling from other ... te in real time and mapped at locations using GPS information.}, address = {Brussels, Belgium}, aut... uch as collaborative road data collection, driver information systems, infotainment or fully driverless vehicle
Arnaud de LA FORTELLE: 3 Hits
ically cars and the infrastructure) that exchange information to optimize their efforts. There are several ques... n not the same but are conflicting)? Which is the information to be exchanged? What kind of decision can be derived from these information? What is the behavior (often the probable behaviour) of the entities? Of
PICAV: 3 Hits
itional public transport, parking, traffic/travel information. Networking and driver support services will be b... PRS, UMTS, WiFi in equipped areas, Internet-based information services, etc.) and will take into account forthc... ces (e.g. GALILEO positioning). Access to on-line information and services will be based on most common traffic
Wiki Introduction and Guidelines: 2 Hits
** details, know how and work in progress * information storage and sharing within the teams, * wor... ceptual namespaces at the root containing all the information: [[:groups]], [[:bib]], [[:users]], [[:contracts]
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of communication such as: * General delivery of information (Broadcasting), * Geographic delivery of information (Geocasting, transmission by zones), * Two-way point-to-point communication via a local ad h
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