Open Position/Internship "Development of ITS application"

Objective of the internship

The objective of the internship is to develop ITS applications (fleet management, on-line tracking, road traffic hazard notification, etc) requiring vehicles to be permanently connected to the Internet by means of IPv6 communications established over any communication media (802.11, 2G/3G). Applications will make use of the underlying IPv6 communications which ensures permanent or semi permanent Internet connectivity of the vehicle transparently to the applications. Applications are thus media-agnostic.

The ITS applications will be developed in the context of IMARA's vehicular platform (both CyberCars and conventional vehicles) for which these applications are required. Fleet management and on-line tracking applications will be developed in Java and will require the setup of the central database. Road traffic hazard notification applications will be developed using the CAM and DNM message formats recently specified by ETSI TC ITS. CAN and DENM will first need to be implemented in C/C++ under a Linux environment.

Profile of the candidate

Student in its last year of engineering school (Master course) with application programming experience in a Linux environment and Linux networking knowledge seeking for technical development and hands-on experimentation. See below for the details of the required and desirable skills. The profile of the candidate is thus purely technical although the internship is conducted in a research environment. Candidates looking for a PhD position or for a research experience should abstrain from applying to this internship. Applications from candidates with no evidence of the required skills will not be considered.

Required skills

  • Basic Unix command line tools and scripting;
  • Java and C/C++ programming knowledge
  • Linux socket programming,
  • Good ability to communicate in English (written and spoken);
  • Ability to take initiatives;

Desirable experience

  • Collaborative development (svn);
  • Cross compilation;
  • Web programmmig (PhP, XML, SOAP)
  • TCP/IP(v6), Linux standard networking tools (ifconfig/ip/iproute2/ip6tables/etc);
  • IPv6 multicasting;

Administrative Details

  • Contact: Thierry Ernst
  • Expected start: February 2010
  • Duration: 6-8 months
  • Location: INRIA Rocquencourt, Paris area (how to visit us)
  • Host team: IMARA project-team, working on self-driving vehicles and involved in several ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) projects. IMARA is part of the LaRA joint-research unit.

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