GPS Receivers

Available receivers

  • 4 Trimble Ag 323 mounted into the 4 experimental C3
  • 1 Trimble Ag 132 in Lara3D Plateform
  • x Z-xtreme (IMARA)
  • x Bluetooth receivers (located (?), originally in the C3 before the Trimble receivers)
  • 1 usb receivers (in the cupboard next to Gwenaelle's office in V009)

Trimble Ag 332

Special characteristics

  • Up to 10 Hz output rate (TSIP messages only)
  • PPS signal output
  • Possibility of WAAS differential correction, Beacon differential correction, Omnistar VBS differential correction, RTK positionning compatibility (Lara is not subscribed to any of these corrections)
  • Two ports that supports both CAN and RS 232.
  • NMEA output, TSIP input/output (Trimble Standard Interface Protocol).

for more details about the utilization of the Ag 332 see the user guide

Connection scheme

 The current Ag 332 configuration on the C3s
The current Ag 332 configuration on the C3s

Usually, the receivers are programed to deliver NMEA Messages. The TSIP messages can be configurated if higer output rate is necessary.

Useful software

In order to visualize the GPS data, “hyper terminal” client is a simple tool to verify the good reception on the com port (not any more under Windows Vista :-?).
Under RT-Maps:

  • The acquisition is done with a “ports interfaces > serial port”. Change the com proprety into the right port number.
  • The decoding is performed using the suitable component from the rtmaps_gps.pck package.
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