4G Cube

Generic network configuration

Most cubes are used as access routers. They provide connectivity to the network plugged on their ethernet interface (eth0) via the mesh network built on their OLSR-enabled WiFi interface (wlan0). The mesh network ESSID is cube-mesh and is configured as a ad-hoc network on channel 3 (not the default from 4G).

Both the external IP and the internal network prefix are derived from the CubeID. In the following, replace CB and ID by (resp.) the two first and last digits of the cube ID. For example, given CubeID 1715, CB=17 and ID=15.

Using the CubeID to determine the Cube's IPs. In case someone would like to add a non-cube node to the mesh-network, one should use the subnetwork. For example, geococcyx (a road runner laptop) is using IP (the last digit is arbitrary) on the mesh network and, if needed, provides a reachable network with range

The cubes MAY additionally provide a managed network, with ESSID cube-CBID on their other wireless interface (if present), with IP 172.CB.ID.1 and a DHCP daemon serving the 172.CB.ID.0/24 address range.

The IP addressing plan of the OLSR network can be sumarized as follows (X, Y and Z denote variable bytes):

Most significant byte Second byte Third byte Least significant byte Address type
10 0 Y Z Directly reachable on the mesh network
10 0 0 Z OLSR Gateway
10 0 1 Z OLSR Node (non-cube)
10 0 2 Z VPN users (not yet implemented)
10 0 16-17 Z OLSR Cube
10 X (non-0) Y Z Node in the HNA accessible via 10.0.X.Y
172 X (16-17) Y 1 OLSR Cube-XY on its managed network
172 X (16-17) Y Z (non-1) Host on Cube-XY's managed network

Current network

Our current mesh network.

The current network plot is also available as textual data and DOT data (only the Content-Type varies). More complete information is available from the gateway.

Two non-cube gateways are currently part of the network: imara-olsr-gw (IP which is a NAT gateway to the IPv4 internet, and imara-olsr-gw-garage (IP which is providing cube like functionnalities to computers in the garage for them to get internet access via the OLSR network. Both have an olsr use who can login via ssh (usual password…) and has sudo access.

Ntop, a network usage reporting tool, has been installed on the internet gateway. It provides immediate (1-minute) detailed traffic reports and keeps a graphic history.

Cube 1631

  • Ethernet MAC: 00:0A:00:00:00:01;
  • 802.11b MAC (wlan0): 00:02:6F:35:54:43;
  • 802.11b MAC (wlan1): 00:02:6F:35:54:34;
  • Place: CyCab1.

:!: Impossible to register with reseau-roc

Cube 1634

  • Ethernet MAC: 00:0A:00:00:00:01;
  • 802.11b MAC (wlan0): 00:02:6F:35:53:30;
  • 802.11b MAC (wlan1): 00:02:6F:35:53:2C;
  • Place: CyCab2.

:!: Impossible to register with reseau-roc

Cube 1638

  • Ethernet MAC: 00:0A:00:00:00:01;
  • 802.11b MAC (wlan0): 00:02:6F:35:53:45;
  • 802.11b MAC (wlan1): 00:02:6F:35:53:46;
  • Place: CyCab3.

:!: Impossible to register with reseau-roc

Cube 1700

  • Ethernet MAC: 00:0E:56:00:5A:5F;
  • 802.11bg MAC (ath0): 00:15:6D:53:D4:9C Ubiquity SR2;
  • 802.11bg MAC (ath1): 00:02:6F:2F:03:26;
  • Place: vert.

Cube 1701

  • Ethernet MAC (ath0): 00:0E:56:00:5A:60;
  • 802.11bg MAC (ath1): 00:15:6D:53:51:D3 Ubiquity SR2;
  • 802.11b MAC: 00:02:6F:2F:04:54;
  • Place: bleu.

Cube 1711

  • Ethernet MAC: 00:0E:56:00:5A:69;
  • 802.11bg MAC (ath0): 00:15:6D:53:51:CD Ubiquity SR2;
  • 802.11b MAC (ath1): 00:02:6F:2F:04:12;
  • Place: noir.

Cube 1714

  • Ethernet MAC: 00:0E:56:00:5A:6C;
  • 802.11bg MAC (ath0): 00:15:6D:53:51:D5 Ubiquity SR2;
  • 802.11bg MAC (ath1): 00:02:6F:2F:03:E4 FIXME to be installed;
  • Place: rouge.

Installation of the ath1 Wi-Fi card:

  1. take the card in Olivier Mehani's drawers (it is labelled);
  2. open Cube 1714;
  3. remove the Ubiquity SR2 and put it into the other (free) slot, leaving it connected to the same pigtail;
  4. put the new Wi-Fi card in the upper slot (where the SR2 used to be);
  5. connect the remaining pigtail (connected to the leftmost antenna when looking at the antenna side of the Cube with the connectors on the lower part, that is the labelled antenna connector in the second image of this section) to the connector labelled A1 on the card;
  6. erase all this block in the wiki when this has been properly done.

Cube 1715

  • Tentative Internet Gateway;
  • Ethernet MAC: 00:0E:56:00:5A:6D;
  • 802.11b MAC (wlan0): 00:E0:98:FB:74:48;
  • 802.11bg MAC (wlan1): 00:02:6F:35:53:4D ACX111;

Cube 1755

  • Ethernet MAC: 00:0E:56:00:5A:94;
  • 802.11bg MAC (ath0): 00:02:6F:2F:01:38;
  • Place: AGV.

Cube 1773

  • Ethernet MAC: 00:0E:56:00:63:0B;s
  • 802.11bg MAC (ath0): 00:02:6F:2F:05:9B;
  • Place: Samer Ammoun.

Cube 1784

  • :!: Flash issue…
  • Ethernet MAC: 00:0E:56:00:63:16;
  • 802.11bg MAC (ath0): 00:02:6F:2F:03:E3;
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