2010-12-03: Monthly Scientific Seminary

  • Presenter:Jianping Xie
  • Room: Amphi A. Turing
  • Time: 11:00 - 12:00


This talk will deal with the problem of localization for autonomous robots/vehicles in dynamic environments. Robot localization is the problem of determining the pose of a robot relative to a given map of the environment. It is often called position estimation or position tracking. Robot localization is an instance of the general localization problem, which is the most basic perceptual problem in robotics. This is because nearly all robotics tasks require knowledge of the location of the robots and the objects that are being manipulated (although not necessarily within a global map). The presentation is mainly divided into 3 parts: Project Introduction, System Architecture, Localization Problems(SLAM, Local/Global Localization problem, The kidnapped robot problem..ect.). Finally, some experimental results and conclusions will be presented in the end of this talk.

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