2007: Demonstration tour building 7

A.K.A. “Communicating Autonomous Vehicles Demo”.


A new, complete demo is required to synthesize our various on-going works.

We propose a comprehensive demo, targeted for first trimester 2007.

This demo rely on the previous “Tour du bâtiment 7” with some communications features added.


(Source file [Xara Xtreme format])

We aim to show 7 main points.

A Cybercar should be able to:

  1. Move alone along a given route (made of waypoints) ;
  2. Detect and avoid non-moving obstacle ;
  3. Correctly steer to change direction ;
  4. Detect and avoid pedestrians ;
  5. Avoid another Cybercar through trajectories exchange ;
  6. Detect and avoid moving obstacle ;
  7. Correctly handle a crossroads situation, either autonomously or under supervision.

Moreover, Cybercars are expect to interact with users through:

  1. Inputs → we should be able to easily enter a route to follow, even remotely.
  2. Outputs → we should be able to see the current situation, even remotely.

Demo content

The demo consists of seven independant situations, around the Bât.7.

In the requirement listings, bold entries emphasize software parts which don't exist yet. Each point only introduces requirements or features which weren't previously listed.

Move alone along a given route


Required or desired features:

  1. Targeted speed : 3 m.s^-1
  2. Localisation with Visual Servoing integration
  3. Route planner Integration (prototypes already exist) + HMI (à la Google Maps. cf Rodrigo's work)
  4. Route planner - trajectory planner Integration
  5. Dynamic speed Adaptation. Some things already exist. Have to be summarized.
  6. Stop & Go (either on Laser or Mouches backed)

Detect and avoid non-moving obstacle


Required or desired features:

  1. SLAMMOT with Visual Servoing integration
  2. SLAMMOT either on Laser or Mouches based
  3. Working PMP

Handle correctly a simple crossroad situation autonomously


Detect and avoid moving obstacle (crossing pedestrian)


Avoid another Cybercar through trajectories exchange


Required or desired features:

  1. Inter-Cybercars communication to exchange trajectories (already works on the simulator).
    1. Meshed Wifi + OLSR ?
    2. IPv6 backed (NEMO, MANET…)
    3. Quality of Service

Detect and avoid moving obstacle (car)


Handle correctly a crossroad situation with multiple Cybercars, under supervision


Required or desired features:

  1. Supervision Algo
  2. Communication with the “crossroads manager”
  3. Supervisor-recommended trajectory integration (either by a brutal remote controlling or by a more subtle :) influence)
  4. Pattern detection to recognize the crossroad and to relocate (software bricks exist : Binbin or les Mines)

Other points of interest

  • Visualisation
    1. DB + Vizu
    2. Intégrer l'affichage des trajectoires et de l'incertitude (hors Twingo/RTK)

Other ideas

These ideas may or may not be integrated to the demo.

  • PMP Platooning
  • Gestion de flotte/réservation
  • Odométrie 4 codeurs
  • Odométrie visuelle
  • Switch mode de fonctionnement
  • Localisation absolue au démarrage →une brique existe basée sur les passages piétons : à convertir de MATLAB à C++
  • Déplacement dans une foule
  • Carrefour équipé de capteurs → à intégrer au carrefour supervisé (par exemple, pour savoir s'il y a des piétons). Problème : on perd l'indépendance vis-à-vis de l'infrastructure.
  • Démo à réaliser : croisement de 2 véhicules via Visual Servoing
  • Installation de 2 têtes stéréo sur les Cycabs
  • A creuser : détection de la route (→ Yann, Nicolas, Rodrigo)
  • Quality of Service → voir ce qui peut être intégré.

Main difficulties

  • Software development (getting the machines to do what we want)
  • Software design for a shared code base across heterogeneous vehicles
  • Detection of the road (where the vehicle can run ?)

See also

  1. Meetings & Organisation for the demo development.
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