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utomated {D}riving: {I}ntermediate report on the {HAVE}it-{J}oint {S}ystem}, author = {{F}lemisch, {... project {J}oint {S}ystem within the {EU}-project {HAVE}it. {T}he goal of {HAVE}it is to develop and inve... meaningfully involved in the driving task. {I}n {HAVE}it, an overarching architecture and several proto... {}, } %% inria-00533487, v
GForge SVN: 8 Hits
VN repository in read/write mode ===== First, you have to [[|open an account on GForge]]. You also have to ask for the right to do modifications to the reposito... eme. Roughly, this means some configuration steps have to be undergone. An SSH keypair has to be genera... the public key in GForge ===== Once the keypairs have been generated (be it under [[:wiki:old:#unix_ssh
About Imara: 8 Hits
he urban vehicles of the (near) future which will have totally automated driving capabilities. A coopera... e from these scenarios to see that many R&D tasks have much in common. Of particular interest to us on t... r cars, the limits of these improvements seems to have been reached if the travelling speeds remains con... e challenges of the next twenty years. Objectives have already been set for the reduction of carbon diox
Building and packaging a mipsel-linux cross-compilation toolchain: 7 Hits
simple, as this only means that the ''binutils'' have not been correctly installed (or the autotools haven't found them in the ''$PATH''), and the toolchain is using the host's ''binutils'' instead of th... de> Note that the ''--build'' and ''--host'' tags have to be specified instead of the ''--target'' one, ... d be a sign that something went wrong and you may have to edit the linker script (like '''', ''GR
Formatting Syntax: 7 Hits
syntax you may use when editing the pages. Simply have a look at the source of this page by pressing the... ls of headlines to structure your content. If you have more than three headlines, a table of contents is... This is a list * The second item * You may have different levels * Another item - The same l... This is a list * The second item * You may have different levels * Another item - The same l
Arnaud de LA FORTELLE: 6 Hits
their career), equipment (e.g. our platforms). I have also in charge the development and the coordinati... tent vision shared by the LaRA teams. Moreover, I have also to promote our work and tie links with our p... Research topics ==== Aside the direction, I still have some research activity. There are 3 main domains:... namic systems such as random trees are studied. I have also an interest in AI with inference algorithms
Missions at INRIA: 4 Hits
from the mission request that you filled in. You have to mention the project name and its “compte analy... o will book it. - Hotel reservations for France have to be done through the “[[http://www.centraledesh... e, a night will be reimbursed up to 60€. - You have to **arrange all receipts on paper sheets**: trai... rdre de mission individuel” sheet that you should have received when the mission had been accepted,
HaveIT: 4 Hits
====== HaveIT ====== **H**ighly **A**utomated **Ve**hicles for **I**ntelligent **T**ransport [[:project... ===== Project description ===== The path-breaking HAVE-IT proposal aims at the long-term vision of highl... potential for exploitation within 3-5 years after HAVE-IT and on the other hand form the ideal basis to ... ted functionalities) by adding software modules. HAVE-IT will significantly contribute to higher traffi
arnauddelafortelle: 4 Hits
mated systems in various countries where systems have been introduced.}, owner = {arnaud}, publishe... uman driven cars. It is a world where vehicles have to reserve pieces of roads to cross a junction... {November }, abstract = {Numerous technologies have been deployed to assist and manage transportation... y computing and communication platforms, and will have enhanced sensing capabilities. They will enable
Using AFS: 4 Hits
recommended to use it for developments, rather to have all your information on a "private" disk. At leas... Howto]]. ===== Access AFS accounts ===== If you have a login ''dupont'' and you are at IMARA, then you... home/imara/dupont.backup This is the path if you have an "AFS computer" (installed and maintained by th... set up a working AFS node]]. Under Unix, you may have to get or revoke a token (which is the way of aut
4G Cube: 3 Hits
= See also the [[:wiki:old:themes:procedures]] to have useful information about [[imara:platforms:hardwa... ra. The most fearless would also be interested to have some hints about [[imara:platforms:hardware:commu... to get internet access via the OLSR network. Both have an ''olsr'' use who can login via ''ssh'' (usual
Fylvestre: 3 Hits
====== Fylvestre ====== Imara used to have a versatile server, ''tweety'', which finally worked himself... r authentication, this means that **users need to have initialised their AFS account with the AFS team**... ails. In the following example, the user does not have read/write access to his files before getting an
Old LaRA wiki: 3 Hits
d is gone. This is the new LaRA wiki (as you may have guessed). All the pages from the old wiki are sti... t if it is not already done]]. The user accounts have **not** been copied. Please ask one of the [[:use... ]]) to re-create it for you. You may also want to have a look at our [[:documentation]] and, more specif... ee to report anything that goes wrong or desn't behave as expected. --- //[[:users:oliviermehani|Olivi
Internships: 3 Hits
s for the development of autonomous vehicles. We have developed an innovative motion planning method ab... gration in a non trivial system. The student will have the occasion to work with state of art topics in ... of the internship we expect that the student will have developed itself a complete and functional planni
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