TODO List for New Users

Welcome, new user of the LaRA wiki. This quick howto will guide you through the process of finalizing your wiki account and familiarizing you with Dokuwiki by creating your own user page. This page also list some other non-wiki related information which can be of interest.

Local Setups

Inria Accounts

If everything went right, your Inria-wide account should have been created by the time you arrive. There are three passwords that aro used for various accesses to Inria resources:

  1. your Unix (and e-mail/AFS) password, which should be manually initiliazed with Miriad (building 24 at Rocquencourt), when you receive the account-creation sheet,
  2. your Windows password (for Miriad-managed computers) and,
  3. your iLDAP password for web-based services, you can initialize it here.

For a lot of network-related issue (accounts, passwords, e-mail, computer network access,…), please refer to MIRIAD's support site.

Mines ParisTech


Wiki Setup

First of all, did you change your password? It is quite likely that the wiki administrator has given you an easy-to-guess password from the top of their head. You must change it to something strong only you know. You can do that by clicking on ”Update Profile” at the bottom of any LaRA wiki page.

You can now create your own user page. If you look at the bottom right of this page, you'll see a line saying ”Logged in as: Your Name (yourname)”. Your name is a wiki link to your user page. It appears in red because the page doesn't exist yet. If you try to access this page (or any other non-existing wiki page), you'll get the opportunity to create the page and add content to it. Just click the Create this page link at the bottom right of the non-existing topic page. In the case of your own user page, the new page will be filled with a template that you can modify as you see it fit.

One important part of some wiki pages, including your own. is the last line, containing tags that help indexing and referencing content. You have to remove tag template. It is advisable to complete the list with the name of the LaRA labs you are involved with, as well as that of your projects and contracts.

You can now try to upload your photo as :users:YOURNAME:YOURNAME.jpg following this documentation (its works for all files you'd wish to upload in the future).

You may want to also have a look at the Wiki Introduction and Guidelines, DokuWiki formatting syntax or the rest of the documentation.


There are a couple of network printers available at Inria. Configuration instructions are available here.

Mailing Lists

LaRA uses several Mailing lists to communicate and exchange ideas. Please register to those your are interested in (usually, at least the LaRA JRU general list).


Storing your code on your local machine or hard disk is bad. Period.

Hardware failures and the turnover of colleagues has already been the cause of losses of a lot of code and experience for LaRA.

Inria provides a public GForge on which you should register (please use a recognizable login such as your surname). You can then create GForge projects to store, backup and track your code and other project-related information. It also is very recommended that you create a personnal project for miscellaneous LaRA-related developments (e.g. Olivier MEHANI's personnal GForge project).

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