Missions at INRIA

Requesting a New Mission

  1. Go to IziGFD (with your iLDAP password);
  2. Fill the form in then click Confirmer;
  3. Your request is either (by Fawzi NASHASHIBI or Chantal CHAZELAS)
    • accepted
    • refused
  4. Ask for a quote on the travel fare to tho Carlson travel agent
    1. The easiest is to copy and paste the travel description from the mission request that you filled in. You have to mention the project name and its “compte analytique”, IMARA – 02RECH1021-S, as well as your mission manager, “Pironne”.
    2. Send this by email to inria.btcvalbonne.fr@contactcwt.com.
    3. When the quote is received, check that it corresponds to what you want, then forward it to Chantal CHAZELAS: Chantal.Chazelas@inria.fr.
    4. Chantal CHAZELAS will forward your acceptation of the quote to the “bureau des missions” who will book it.
  5. Hotel reservations for France have to be done through the “Centrale des Hôtels:” inria@centraledeshotels.com.


Meals in France are reimbursed 15.25€ per meal.

For missions overseas, check the daily allowance here or more detailed information here.

Coming Back from a Mission

During your mission, you must keep every receipt and invoice. It is also necessary to provide the bill from the hotel. If you didn't use the “Centrale des Hôtels” for missions in France, a night will be reimbursed up to 60€.

  1. You have to arrange all receipts on paper sheets: train and plane tickets, bus and metro fares,..
  2. As soon as you come back, go to IziGFD, where there should be an icon labelled “Fiche retour de mission.” (This document replaces the paper checklist that we used to fill in in the past). It is a summary of all the documents that you returned at the end of the mission.
  3. Bring all the following to Chantal CHAZELAS
    • all original receipts and tickets on paper sheets (you can add any comments you see fit, their cost should be clearly legible),
    • the “Ordre de mission individuel” sheet that you should have received when the mission had been accepted,
    • the “Fiche retour de mission” that you just completed (make sure you keep a copy of it).
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