Citröen C3 red


  • 29 July 2008 : Installation of the IMARA licence of RT-Maps v.3.4 ⇒ no more need to RT-Maps USB keys

Current Status

  • Localisation: IMARA


  • PC Motorola MW800: S/N 736SFS0709
  • Écran: S/N 736SFS4554
  • Clavier: S/N 736SFS4747
  • Current 4G cube: :?:
  • GPS: Trimble Ag 332 GPS receiver

Missed hardware and remarks

  • Missed CAN getaway
  • Missed Dongle Peak CAN-USB
  • Missed Camera
  • Missed RTMaps usb Key
  • Problem with the firewire connector of the MW800. This is why we add a PCMCIA card with two firewire connector. This card needs a +5 volt alimentation.
  • 12 volt cable in the air
  • No 220 V output
  • The alimentation of the Netgear hub and the 4G cube are in parallel from one IC
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