Citroën C3

LaRA's C3 fleet

See the GForge repository to get some schematics and description.

Vehicles Reservation

Authorization to drive the cars

For an insurance reason, only the following people is authorized to drive the 4 equipped C3s.

Updated March 2009


  • Claude LAURGEAU
  • Arnaud de LA FORTELLE
  • Brigitte D'ANDERA NOVEL
  • Bruno STEUX
  • Choi Sung Woo
  • Fabien MOUTARDE
  • François GOULETTE
  • Frédéric FONTANE
  • Gwenael GATE
  • Hugues MOLET
  • Jacky LECH
  • Jean Emmanuel DESCHAUD
  • Philippe ZHANG
  • Taha RIDENE


  • Michel Parent
  • Armand Yvet
  • Carlos Holguin
  • Clément Boussard
  • François Charlot
  • Laurent Bouraoui


  • Gilles MICHEL
  • Nicolas DULAC

On board hardware

On-board calculator Perception sensors Positioning sensors Communication devices CAN bus interface Other devices Power control
MW800 PC Screen Keyboard ADASRP PC Camera Laser scaner GPS Trimble 4G cube G24 GPRS Modem SIM Card CAN getaway Peak CAN-USB RTMaps Usb Key Ethernet Hub USB Hub Battery supervisor 220 V power supply
Citröen C3 black 18-Jui-08 - see simcards Broken (under test) Inside Citröen C3 blue
Citröen C3 blue 10-Jui-08 HS Ready to receive see simcards :?:
Citröen C3 green 16-Jui-08 - see simcards :?:
Citröen C3 red 16-Jui-08 :?: - see simcards Inside Citröen C3 black Inside Citröen C3 black :?:


Operating the embedded system


  1. Turn on all the switches on the electric table in the trunk;
  2. Turn the emergency switch on (up position);
  3. Flip the dashboard switch on (inverted on bleu);
  4. Wait (5-10 seconds).


  1. Turn of all computers (incl. the ADASRP computer, logging in using rdesktop from the mw800);
  2. Flip the dashboard switch off → the supervisor starts complaining with bips and goes on for 40 seconds;
  3. Push the emergency switch;
  4. Turn off all the switches on the table in the trunk.


Each vehicle has a Total/Elf card which allows to pay for the refueling. To do so, one need the code for the card (2546), and the current mileage of the car, which will be asked for by the payment system.


As of 2007-02-22, the intented architecture for Com2REACT is as follows (source in GForge for the schemas and photos):

A C3's hardware architecture. The dashboard elements.
The hardware in the trunk. The antennas installation... ...and the speed-proof version


XLR Pin Signal
2 +12V
3 +12V (FIXME Switch)

Documentation annexe

Old hardware

3 of the MU500 units used in REACT are currently stored out of the cars, at Inria. Some of the antennas shipped with them are still on the cars (GPS) and even in use (GPRS).

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