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Formatting Syntax: 43 Hits
erlined__ and ''monospaced'' texts. Of course you can **__//''combine''//__** all these. DokuWiki su... lined__ and ''monospaced'' texts. Of course you can **__//''combine''//__** all these. You can use <... ipt</sub> and <sup>superscript</sup>, too. You can use <sub>subscript</sub> and <sup>superscript</sup>, too. You can mark something as <del>deleted</del> as well. You can mark something as <del>de
First things to do on a new 4G Cube: 12 Hits
= The 4G Cubes have two MiniPCI slots on which we can plug WiFi cards. A default Wi-Fi card is usually... l_setup.png |Accessing a Cube for the first time can be done directly on a foreign network.}} :!: As ... is running a rather recent version of Linux, one can configure it, test the link to the Cube and conne... dated while still running on the old kernel, they can be ignored. Before rebooting the Cube, one may l
gallery: 10 Hits
aor}} The syntax is as follows. A basic gallery can be added by selecting a [[:namespaces|namespace]]... Instead of using a whole namespace of images, you can also specify a single image -- this makes most se... ry>namespace:someimage.jpg}} The created gallery can be aligned by using whitespace (defaults to cente... espace }} (centered) Instead of a namespace, you can also give an HTTP(s) URL to any [[wp>Media RSS]]
How to Upload Files: 8 Hits
(PDF, videos,...) to the pages of this wiki. This can be done as follow: Edit the wiki page as usual (... the ''Edit this page'' link at the bottom). You can add a file using the mediafile selection dialog which you can show using the edition toolbar. {{ :wiki:old:tools:add_file.png |Use the toolbar to sh... rrent namespace ('':users'' in this example, this can be changed with the folder tree) or in a newly cr
CiteULike Tutorial: 8 Hits
s a collaborative bibliograhpy system. Every user can create bibliography entries in the system or copy... order to constitute their own. This bibliography can then be exported to various useful formats for us... ===== From the //MyCiteULike// menu (**1**), one can access the list of groups (**2**). {{ :documentat... y, there is only one group by that name. The user can see the publications already filled in, and use t
Fylvestre: 8 Hits
side. Quick monitoring of ''fylvestre'''s vitals can be done using [[ . This is a **private** space. Most notably, one can find [[\\\software|software set... and are ''g+rw imara'', meaning that all the team can read and modify them when logged in on the server... ara users are directly authenticated from AFS. It can be used as explained in [[:documentation:afsusage
GForge SVN: 7 Hits
| the GForge account authorized keys page]]. You can then save the changes and check at the bottom of ... hani/.ssh/''. The contents of this file can be obtained using your favorite editor (vim, gedi... ge|It must be put in the GForge interface]]. You can now access the SVN repository with read/write acc... ey displayed}} In the upper part of the GUI, you can see the public key line of the newly generated pu
TODO List for New Users: 7 Hits
ist some other non-wiki related information which can be of interest. ===== Local Setups ===== ==== ...|you can initialize it here]]. For a lot of network-relat... g_passwords|something strong]] only you know. You can do that by clicking on "//Update Profile//" at the bottom of any LaRA wiki page. You can now create your own user page. If you look at the bottom ri
Plugins Syntax: 7 Hits
o a file or list of files matching a pattern, one can use {{filename>:namespace:path:pattern}} For e... hes {{filename>*}} A list of all matching files can be shown, with various parameters to change the w... of all images in a namespace (i.e. forlder), one can use the following syntax. {{gallery>:path:to:na... leries like these. {{gallery>:caor}} Image flows can be created with <imageflow :path:to:namespace><
Cycab videos: 5 Hits
ruet S.A., is entirely under computer control and can be driven manually with a joystick, or can be dri... mmunications between the nodes are made through a CAN serial bus . It has been designed specially for a... 32) and one 486DXII66 (root) all linked through a CAN bus. {{:wiki:old:public: research:cycab:syndex_... d loads executables on the processors through the CAN bus. On each 68332, thanks to this optimized macr
Hacking the Cubes: 5 Hits
has a [[meshcube>SerialCable|serial cable]] that can be used with the Cubes. connect a computer to the... ctive console where, for example, the environment can be inspected. <code> YAMON> set MAC (R/W... off to match the memory's boundaries. The image can finally be retrieved from the TFTP server. <code>... le to load an image more easily. The ''bootfile'' can also be specified. <code> YAMON> bootprot tftp YA
Research: 5 Hits
ch subject cover all the technical elements which can lead to a better road transportation system. This... sensors, apart from providing different coverage, can detect the same object, but with differing accura... formation raised by the sensors. For example, one can imagine a steering system that acts not only on t... f the existing infrastructures (e.g. roads). This can only properly done when the impact of new infrast
indexmenu: 5 Hits
max#3#2}} <snippet> |:!: All the syntax options can be easily accessed with the indexmenu picker in t... by page name (the default DokuWiki way), but you can override this behaviour adding also the tsort or ... . Optionally, the nodes after the //**n**// level can be retrieved with AJAX every //**m**// sublevels ... scribed in [[.:indexmenu#Theme tutorial]]. Admins can download and share themes in admin panel. It work
Building and packaging a mipsel-linux cross-compilation toolchain: 5 Hits
linux-2.4.27$ make ARCH=mips config </code> One can then start the building process. <code> glibc-bui... sages like the following due to this. <code> ld: cannot find // collect2: ld returned 1 exit ... nk against the defected ''libgcc.a'', the problem can be spotted when this error message is displayed <... in ''/usr/mipsel-linux/{bin,libexec,sbin}''. They can be removed as the host computer will never be abl
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