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Citroën C3: 66 Hits
| [[.:c3:black]] 18-Jui-08 | {{:wiki:old:themes:architecture:vrai.png?25}} | {{:wiki:old:themes:architecture:vrai.png?25}} | {{:wiki:old:themes:architecture:vrai.png?25}} | {{:wiki:old:themes:architecture:vrai.png?25}} | {{:wiki:old:themes:architecture:vrai.png?25}} | - | {{:wiki:old:themes:architecture:vrai.png?25}} | {{:wiki:old:themes:architecture:vrai.png?25}} | {{:wiki:old:themes:architecture:vrai.png?
CVIS: 14 Hits
interfaces_v0.2-20071213.pdf|CVIS Core Technology Architecture and Interfaces - Overview for CVIS application de... {{:wiki:old:projects:cvis:del_cvis_3.2_high_level_architecture_v1.0.pdf|CVIS Delivrable del_cvis_3.2_high_level_architecture_v1.0.pdf}} * {{:wiki:old:projects:cvis:del_cvis_3.3_architecture_and_system_specifications_v1.2.pdf|CVIS Delivrable del_cvis_3.3_architecture_and_system_specifications_v1.2.pdf}}: CVIS SP *
Cycab videos: 9 Hits
with a high power controller). Consequently, the architecture is modular and the vehicle is easier to drive (th... i:old:public: research:cycab:cycab_node.png |Node Architecture}} <html><center></html> //Figure 1. Node Architecture// <html></center></html> \\ Each wheel node controls the drive engine and a brake motor, with ... upports the AAA methodology. AAA means Algorithm Architecture Adequation. The goal of the methodology is to fin
4G Cube: 8 Hits
mmunications:4gcube:openwrt]] {{:wiki:old:themes:architecture:mesh-example.png?300 |A sample mesh network.}} {... 00:02:6F:2F:03:26; * Place: [[:wiki:old:themes:architecture:c3:vert]]. ==== Cube 1701 ==== * Ethernet MAC... 00:02:6F:2F:04:54; * Place: [[:wiki:old:themes:architecture:c3:bleu]]. ==== Cube 1711 ==== * Ethernet MA... 00:02:6F:2F:04:12; * Place: [[:wiki:old:themes:architecture:c3:noir]]. ==== Cube 1714 ==== * Ethernet M
arnauddelafortelle: 8 Hits
{Roadside Networks for Vehicular Communications: Architectures, Applications and Test Fields}, publisher = {... Arnaud de La Fortelle}, title = {An Integrated Architecture for Multi-homed Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Commun... rnst and Arnaud de La Fortelle}, title = {A QoS Architecture for Provisioning High Quality in Intelligent Tran... e communications. This paper introduces a QoS architecture which inter-operates with NEtwork MObility Bas
Séverin LEMAIGNAN: 7 Hits
d'activité 2006 : [[:wiki:old:projects:cybercars2:architecture]] * Proposition architecture, v.0.3, decembre 2006 : [[:wiki:old:users:severinlemaignan:schema_architecture_cybercar_december2006]] * Publi architecture 20... == * [[:wiki:old:users:severinlemaignan:schema_architecture_cybercar_septembre2006]] * Comparatif bus : htt
Building and packaging a mipsel-linux cross-compilation toolchain: 7 Hits
psel-*-linux-gnu'', or ''mipsel-linux'' for short architecture), though it is likely that the following would al... plex terminology is used to refer to the involved architectures: * ''build'': the architecture on which the pr... t (here ''i686-pc-linux-gnu''); * ''host'': the architecture on which the program will be run (''i686-pc-linux... it will be ''mipsel-linux''); * ''target'': the architecture for which the program will operate (''mipsel-linu
Philippe ZHANG: 6 Hits
===== Work ===== * [[:wiki:old:groups:lara-com:architecture:ipv6_cvis|CVIS Project packages integration & LaR... Geonet Testbed]] * [[:wiki:old:groups:lara-com:architecture:ipv6validation]]; * [[:wiki:old:groups:lara-com... Enst Bretagne ]] * [[:wiki:old:groups:lara-com:architecture:ipv6testbed#prefixes | IPv6 addressing plan for f... mobile testbed]] * [[:wiki:old:groups:lara-com:architecture:ipv6vehicles| IPv6 in vehicle testbed]] * [[:wi
Chantiers ouverts: 4 Hits
frais (en temps et en personne), de rendre notre architecture portable à d'autres plateforme de routeurs (Links... et a une version plus _ancienne_ du firmware. L'architecture IPv6 dans le VANET est fonctionnelle. Cela signif... / \\ [8] \\ [9]
Patrice BODU: 4 Hits
* [[projects:cybercars2:documentationcybercars2:architecture_bas-niveau_des_cycabs|Architecture électronique d... * [[projects:cybercars2:documentationcybercars2:architectures_d_applications_syndex|Variantes d'architectures ... sujet des dialogues sur le CAN, appliqués à notre architecture synchrone distribué, dans les annexes I à III de
Robosoft CyCab: 4 Hits
hardware:vehicles|Vehicles]] {{ :wiki:old:themes:architecture:cycab.svg?300|CyCab image}} ===== Specifications
Ph.D Defense "Communications Management in Cooperative ITS" by Manabu Tsukada: 4 Hits
A, Examinateur ===== Key words ===== ITS Station Architecture, IPv6, GeoNetworking, Path Selection, Multihoming... f information must rely on a common communication architecture. The ITS Station reference architecture has thus ... ributions are mapped to the ITS station reference architecture by defining the relation between the ITS station
Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems at the IETF: 4 Hits
-IPv6-Ernst.pdf|IPv6 in the ITS Station Reference Architecture}} (a presentation made by Thierry Ernst (Mines Pa... 03-26-SEIS-KIT-IETF83-ITS.pdf|A Secure IPv6-based Architecture for Internal Automotive Networks}}, Roland Bless ... ogue_detail.htm?csnumber=50507 | ISO 21217 "CALM: Architecture"]] (ISO/ETSI ITS station reference architecture)
Olivier Mehani: 4 Hits
hani:LinuxU70]] ; * [[:wiki:old:groups:lara-com:architecture:IPv6TestBed]]; * [[:wiki:old:users:oliviermehan... us6 TODO list]] ; * [[:wiki:old:groups:lara-com:architecture:IPv6TestBed#todo_list|IPv6 Testbed TODO list]] ; ... meter ^_^. == LaRA-COM == * [[:wiki:old:themes:architecture:4GCubes|4GCubes]]: * [[:wiki:old:themes:proce
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